Friday, January 17, 2014

A Few More Post Christmas Pictures

I meant to include these pictures in my last post, but somehow they got left out!  

Ellington loves matching her Bitty Baby!

Finley got a jumperoo for Christmas.  This was her first time to try it out.  She isn't quite tall enough to jump yet, but I know she'll be loving it soon!

Ellington is soooo into projects and creating things.  We got her lots of sticker books for Christmas to keep her busy! :)

Uncle Brad, Aunt Julie, Connor, and Brody gave Ellington this neat doll that you can color the clothes, shoes, etc. and then wash and do again.  Ellington really loves it!

These sweet girls enjoy playing together.  It's super handy being able to send one out the back door to go to the other house or send one home...or whatever!  It's a quick and easy way to have a friend over to play!  We are so blessed to have friends right next door.

Monday, January 13, 2014

January Days

This post is just a bunch of different pictures I have taken recently.  We enjoyed our two weeks off of school and especially enjoyed having Daddy off on New Years Eve and New Years Day.  We very rarely get 2 days in a row with him so it was a special treat!

Matching sisters are my favorite :)

I just bought Ellington some play-dough for the first time.  How terrible is that?!  She has played with it at church and school before but never at home.  I don't mind it and she doesn't make a mess...I had just never thought to buy any before.

Everyone always says, "She's just the happiest baby!".  And, she is!

One day while we were still off for Christmas break, we went and met Daddy for lunch.  I snapped this picture before we left.

See?!  So happy!

One of the hardest parts of parenting two children when your husband works almost every Saturday?  Birthday parties.  I don't know why but I find birthday parties particularly hard with two alone.  I usually end up EXHAUSTED and sweaty.  Ha!  I text two of my friends before one recently and asked "When are kids old enough to be dropped off at parties??!!" Parties also usually fall during times when Finley would normally be sleeping.  Anyway, parties are just hard for some reason!  One of Ellington's best buddies from school had a princess party about a week ago.  I was honestly dreading it.  It was right during the middle of Finley's longest nap of the day and I just knew that she would be super fussy the whole time.  Thankfully, the party was the easiest I have tackled with both alone yet!!! Maybe it will start to get easier?!

All of the girls dressed up in princess dresses and it was PRECIOUS.  I am SO sad I didn't take my camera!  It was a super cute party!  Ellington had the best time!

Ellington came up with this pose and requested that I take her picture :)

We also celebrated Finley's 6 month (1/2 birthday) with cupcakes!

We had some REALLY cold weather recently.  Ellington and Finley stayed warm in their fleece polar bear jammies!

Ellington was taking a bath recently and requested that Finley be put in the bathroom with her.  Ellington did a great job of entertaining her!

Finley's getting so big and loving her exersaucer!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finley {Six Months}

Finley turned 6 months old on January 2nd!  She is going to be ONE before we know it!

Finley, what are you up to at six months old?

You wear size 3-6 months and 6 month clothes, although they are all getting too small for you!  We will be moving up sizes SOON!

You wear size 3 diaper.

You are 99% breastfed.  You take teeny tiny bites of food occasionally. 

You wake up a million times a night.  This is something we really need to work on!

Mommy doesn't nurse you in the middle of school mornings anymore.  You go the whole 4 hours without nursing!  You drink a 1/2 ounce or an ounce of your bottle at school but that's about it!

You are SUPER SUPER smiley!

You loooove your sister and always want to know what she is doing! 

You tolerate the carseat so much better now that you can play with toys.

You are definitely a mamas baby but you aren't scared of people you don't know well either, which is nice!

You are a happy girl unless you are tired.

Your naps are very unpredictable.  The only for sure about naps is that on school days you take a super long afternoon nap!

You loooove your Sophie the giraffe toy that you got for Christmas.

You are chewing on stuff like crazy and slobbering all of the time but so far we don't see any teeth!  Maybe some are coming soon?!

Wow 1/2 a year FLEW by!  I kind of hope the next 1/2 slows down! :)