Friday, March 29, 2013

Pancake Breakfast and Egg Hunt

Saturday morning our school hosted a pancake breakfast and egg hunt fundraiser.  It was so much fun!  Ellington was LOVING every second of it!  Thankfully Robert was off Saturday (hooray!!!).  It was really nice because not only could he come too but I was able to go early (because I was required to volunteer and hour) and rather than have to volunteer during the event I was able to help get ready and enjoy the whole thing with Ellington.

Ellington has come a LONG way.  She wasn't scared of the Easter Rabbits at all!  I couldn't believe it!  I didn't really think she would cry or throw a fit but she wasn't anxious or hesitant at all!

Of course she loved the bouncy house!

Pancakes for breakfast

YAY for having Daddy there!!!  :)  

She was PUMPED about finding Easter eggs.  Unfortunately it was cold and rainy on Saturday morning so we had to hunt them in the church Sunday school rooms.  It didn't dampen Ellington's spirits though. :)

There were several rooms that had eggs EVERYWHERE.  Ellington got quite a few but let me add something to my list of things that kids do that annoy me....big kids who run around like crazy and get massive amounts of eggs while they push little kids out of the way.  Yeah that.  I hate it.  Grrr.  And the big kids parents?  Nowhere around of course.

Ellington loooves getting her face painted.  She requested an Easter egg. :)

We had such a fun morning!  I LOVE Easter but have been a little bummed out about all of the cold weather we have been having!  I think Easter weekend might end up being cold and wet too. :(  Boo!  Oh well...Ellington has fun no matter what the weather is doing. :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Recently Ellington had her first bubble bath in our big tub. I think the pictures speak for themselves. She was in HEAVEN! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day fell on a Sunday this year which seemed kind of odd, but that's when it was. :)  Sunday afternoon we went to campus and let Ellington take her tricycle.  She thought it was pretty much the best thing ever!

My reflection at 24 weeks! :)

After she was finished riding, she put on a show.  Typical Ellington!

It was a beautiful afternoon.  We treasured being together!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting Ready for Baby

Hey ya'll!  Ugh.  Still not the best blogger lately. So sorry about that!  When a Mommy blogger goes silent I think one of 3 things must be happening: 
1) They are super busy and having too much fun and living life to blog 
2) They are having a hard time and it's hard to find something positive to blog about
3) The Mama is newly pregnant and is so sick that she is trying to survive :)

Unfortunately for me it's #2.  We are in a really tough season and quite frankly we haven't been doing much and it is hard to be positive.  So it's better to not blog.  I did upload a few pictures this morning so I'll do a few updates and leave out any depressing details.  How does that sound?

One thing that is NOT depressing is the fact that we are having another baby girl.  We are SOOOO over the moon excited about our new girl.  A few weekends ago we went to Birmingham to get a few things for baby.  Up until then I had pretty much done NOTHING for new baby sister.  There were some things we needed and thankfully I had been hoarding my babysitting money so I was able to get what I wanted without freaking out about money...which is always nice. :)  We had to go on a Sunday which probably wasn't my first choice but Robert works on Saturdays so it's what we were left with.  Also, originally we weren't going to take Ellington, but we ended up having to.  It worked out, but it was a little tough taking her in and out of as many place as we needed to go in a really short time.  She also wasn't able to take a nap and by about 2:00 she was starting to break down but she pulled through and we made it fine!  Here are some things we got:

Soooo excited about this!  These weren't out yet when Ellington was born so I am excited to have it this time!  I think it will be perfect to have around the house and move from room to room!

We had to get a new infant carseat and this is the one I chose.  When Ellington was born someone gave us one that she had used with her two children and it is beyond expired so a new one was a must!

SOOO excited about these swaddle blankets and burp cloths!  This was a brand that also wasn't big (around here anyway) when Ellington was born.  I never had seen a muslin swaddle blanket until E was about a year old and I knew I had to have some next time.  Precious and soooo soft!

We also got just a few things for our house.  We have done nothing since we moved in.  Our house looks a little pitiful.  Once we moved in we got settled, Christmas happened, and I was sick a lot.  Then lately we just haven't had a chance to go anywhere.  We didn't get a much but we did get a few little things like the rug below.  We still have a long way to go with our house (like, Ellington's bathroom/guest bath still has an old towel as a bath mat and has towels monogrammed with my name from high school graduation ten years ago...YIKES!).  

It was so much fun picking things out for our new baby!  It definitely made it more real. :)  Big sister Ellington wanted to buy EVERYTHING she saw for the baby!  

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Ellington and I go to school Mon-Wed mornings so Thursday is our first morning at home for the week.  We usually do one of three things on Thursdays: go to the park (when it's nice which hasn't happened in awhile), babysit, or just hang out at home.  The last two Thursday mornings we've just enjoyed time at home.  These are just a few pictures from those Thursdays!

Ellington has started drawing pictures that actually look like something.  It's so fun!  This is a picture of the two of us holding hands. :)

Ellington has showed some interest in wanting to write her name.  Since her name is so long right now we are just working on "Elli". I can't believe she is big enough to start trying this!

As you can see, she was busy :)

After markers and crayons she moved on to water colors

The next few pictures are from this past Thursday morning.  

Wednesday night Ellington and I went to Columbus for a consignment sale and since we just so happened to be in Columbus we just had to pick up Krispy Kreme.  :)  Ellington enjoyed one with sprinkles on Thursday morning!

Ellington hosted a picnic for some of her closest friends!

She followed the picnic up with a Bible story!

I love spending time with Ellington.  I am trying to soak in every moment because in just a few short months it won't be just the two of us anymore!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Sundays

Ellington Elise February 2013
How big is she?!

Sweetness. I love these two more than I could ever explain!

Our Sundays are a little odd schedule wise.  In the past we would go to church on Sunday mornings and our small group would meet on Sunday nights.  Last fall our church added a 3rd service at 5:00 which is exactly the same as the morning services.  They asked certain small groups to commit to going to the 5 o'clock service which not only would free up seats in the mornings service but also would provide a good balance on Sunday nights.  In other words, the Sunday night service wouldn't end up being only college students.  So, our group committed to doing that in the fall.  We switched our small group meeting time to Sunday morning and started going to the worship service in the evenings.  It worked out so well that we are still doing it this semester too!  Our group meets at 10:30 which gives us time together as a family in the mornings and no stressful getting ready for church chaos.  The schedule has worked really well for us!  It's a bit unusual I suppose but we think it's great!  We usually host small group at our house and the kids stay at a nearby house with a babysitter.  It's nice because it starts our week off with a clean house because we like to have it clean for small group. :)