Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Weekend

So, I know it's already Thursday and my weekend update is super late, but better late than never, right?! Our weekend was full of family and I was AWFUL at taking pictures! I don't know what my deal was. Anyway, on Saturday morning we enjoyed a visit with Ellington's Uncle Daniel and Aunt Laura. They came to Starkville for the football game and made time to come by and see us! After a bit of a rocky start (Ellington had just woken up from a nap and was apparently NOT expecting company!) we had a great time playing with them! :) Ha! They quickly discovered the way to Ellington's heart...feeding her snacks! I can't believe I didn't take a SINGLE picture while they were here. I guess I was enjoying visiting too much. Sorry guys! :(

Robert had to work Saturday afternoon and evening (gasp!) so Ellington and I headed to Philadelphia. My Pappaw was named Neshoba County's Citizen of the Year! He was honored at a banquet this week, but Reagan and I couldn't attend so we had our own little banquet for him! Again, terrible with taking pictures this weekend...I don't even have a picture of the Citizen of the Year!

Playing with Pop

Loving Aunt Reagan

Papaw's sign that Reagan made. I contributed the paper! :)

The other reason we were in town for the weekend was that my "home" church was having a special Sunday. They were beginning revival, but it was a special revival...not just some preacher and music minister you haven't ever heard of. For their revival they were having an old pastor and music minister from the church come back to lead. These men were leading the church when I was little, like baby-preschool age. On Sunday morning they had a special emphasis and invited all old members back and had a lunch afterward. It was a really fun and special time. (I feel like my explanation of that was really weird, but maybe you understand!). Anyway, Robert ended up not having to work on Sunday (yay from small miracles!!!) so he drove down Sunday morning to join us. Here's where the hard part came in.... I didn't want to leave Ellington in the nursery because she cries a lot in our own nursery and she goes there every week! I saw no point in taking her to a different nursery to cry for a whole hour for no reason. My mom offered to stay in the nursery with her, but I didn't want my mom to have to miss the service. So, we decided to take her into church with us. The plan was for Robert to take her out when she got to loud and/or fussy. I figured we would make it through the music portion and then she would have to leave once the preacher started. Well, let me tell sweet girl stayed for the WHOLE hour and half that we were there! Amazing! She did so awesome! We've always wanted her to come to church with us so it was a special time...and on top of that it was successful!

Here's Ellington in church. How sweet is she?! (I took this before church in case you are wondering why in the world I was taking pictures during church!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tired Baby

One day last week Ellington woke up at 5:45. FIVE.FORTY.FIVE. Fun times. Anyway, it just so happened to be a school day so she was EXHAUSTED by the time we got home (understandably so...I was too!!!). She usually falls asleep on the way home, but once she sees Robert (he always meets us at the car) she perks up a little and plays with him since she won't get to see him again for the rest of the day. Well on this day she stayed asleep! It was so sweet! For most babies this might not be a big deal, but Ellington does not sleep ANYWHERE other than her carseat or her crib. If we have been somewhere really late and don't get home until midnight, she wakes up the second the car stops and is wide awake. Just carrying a sleeping baby to her crib has never happened! She hasn't even slept in her stroller since she was just a few months old. So anyway, I had to capture the moment on camera!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Girl and Her Cowbell

Last Saturday was a game day (we played LSU away) and Ellington did the CUTEST thing Saturday morning! For about two weeks her little cowbell had been sitting on top of our entertainment center and she hadn't paid it any attention. On Saturday morning she was wanting it down! Ha! Robert loved it. I don't think he would have believed my story if he hadn't seen it himself. She especially enjoyed ringing it when the Rebels were losing! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Entertaining Ellington

Last week I needed to switch out clothes in Ellington's very tiny closet. I always dread this job and it seems like I have to do it about every 3 months! Hopefully now that she's getting older she won't grow so fast and her clothes will last a little longer!

So while I was dealing with this...

Ellington enjoyed a little crib time. This was the first time she's ever just been in her crib to play so I think she thought it was fun! She loves straws and cup tops! Good thing I went to Happy Hour at Sonic that day!

After the straw and cup top got boring I handed her a hanger. (You will notice in the first picture of Ellington that she has a whole bin of toys right beside her. I'm pretty sure she never touched them. She would MUCH rather play with random objects!)

Near the end Ellington started getting a little fussy so I sat her on the floor for just a second and turned around to find this....undoing all of my hard work. :)

Another thing Ellington really enjoys is magazines and catalogs! Every now and then I save them from the mail (rather than throwing them away) and when she gets restless or bored I will give her one to play with. She LOVES it!

I really love the next few pictures. As some of you know, Ellington is a little behind in gross motor the fact that she is on her belly (all on her own) and scooting backward is a really big deal. Way to go Ellington!

I love this one! She was SO proud of herself!!!

She can pull halfway up now!

I don't know that I've ever mentioned Ellington's gross motor delay on the blog before. Is it something we worry over? Definitely not. At her 9 month appt. the doctor said if she still wasn't mobile by her 12 month appt. we would discuss physical therapy. That's something that we'll probably have to do, but he reassured us that she would have absolutely no problem catching up once we start therapy because there isn't anything "wrong" with her...she's just not doing the things she should be doing! The only time it kind of bothers me is when she's at school and at church. She isn't able to get what she wants or where she wants to go like the other children and she gets VERY frustrated. She also can't get away from children who are bothering her! :)

I also need to mention I've been able to do about 75% of this post while Ellington was playing on the floor by herself! I'm pretty sure that it was the record for length of time that she played on her own. She is a typical first child and likes to have her mama as a play partner. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

E is for Ellington

I finally pulled my sewing machine back out after almost 2 years of sitting on the shelf and made this little shirt for Ellington. I think it turned out pretty cute! I had been putting it off for a little while, so now that it's done the shirt is a little tight. :( I guess I'll have to make another one in an 18 month size! She's growing fast!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Maroon and White

Living in an SEC college town is definitely an experience like no other. Game weekends are always a really big deal and so much fun! Last weekend was Mississippi State's first game of the season. A lot of people in Starkville wear their MSU gear to work and school on Friday before game day, so Ellington and I certainly did as well! There is nothing more precious than a room full of babies and toddlers in maroon and white!

On Saturday we got to take Ellington to her first MSU tailgate! Our friends from Sunday School, the Washburns, were sweet enough to invite us to their tailgate. We appreciated their hospitality and the yummy ribs!!! Ellington had a great time! We started having a bit of a meltdown about the time she wanted a nap, but we went to the Union to cool down a bit and give Ellington a snack. That helped perk her back up!!! She did great all afternoon, especially with no afternoon nap! We didn't go to the game. A little after the game started we headed back home to put Ellington to bed and watch it on tv. It was the best of both worlds. :) We are SO looking forward to this football season!!!

Ellington carried her maroon and white over to Sunday too! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

11 Months

Ellington, you turned 11 months old last week. Wow! It's almost been a whole year! We love you so much and have been so blessed over the past 11 months with you.

Ellington, what are you up to at 11 months old?
  • You wear size 12 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.
  • You eat three meals a day, one snack, and usually have three bottles.
  • You are still eating primarily baby food, but you are starting to become more tolerant of some table food!
  • You love to snack on ritz crackers and graham crackers...those are your favorites!
  • You finally really and truly sleep through the night. You have been for the most part for months now, but once or twice a week you would wake up wanting a bottle. You don't do that anymore though! Hooray!
  • You have started going to Parents Morning Out (with Mommy) and LOVE playing there! You are so happy and all of the teachers talk about what a happy baby you are!
  • You only take one nap a day on school days (even though all of the other babies sleep at just aren't interested!!!), but you take two naps when you are at home all day.
  • You stay home with Daddy one morning a week and he loves spending that morning with you!
  • You are really wanting to pull up!
  • You are getting much better at scooting around on your bottom.
  • You still LOVE being out and about!!! You are so happy and content to look at new things and watch people.
  • You have experienced your first MSU tailgate and had a great time!
  • You won't let me rock you anymore before naptime or bedtime. :(
  • You still reject sippy cups.
  • You have three teeth on the bottom and your top two teeth are coming in!
  • You have moved to a new room at church and you are not really adjusted yet. This past Sunday when we walked in the building you knew what was happening and started clinging to Daddy and crying! I didn't think he was going to leave you. After church was over, we came to get you as quickly as possible! :)
  • You say "bye" (with a wave), "Da Da", "Uh oh", and "Ma Ma" (only when you are REALLY upset)
  • You are super ticklish!