Monday, June 11, 2012

7 Things About Me

Our computer is still being repaired, so while I am photoless I thought I would do a post about me.  Ha.  Exciting I know.  I know the real reason you come here is to see pictures of Ellington.  Just bear with me until we get our computer back! :)

1.  I get really really really car sick/motion sick.  
When I was younger it only happened if we were on really curvy roads.  As I got older it only happened when I wasn't in the front seat or couldn't see the road.  Now it happens all of the stinkin' time.  Like...all.of.the.time.  Ugh.  If you put me in the back of a car on a curvy road I would probably DIE.  For real.  

2.  I hate talking on the phone.  
I guess I don't mind it for sharing important/timely information but I never just want to chat it up on the phone for long periods of time.  Maybe it stems from Robert and I living in different states for almost two years, but I really don't like to do it.  

3.  I have always had a list of baby names.  
I LOVE baby names and have had an ongoing list since I was about eight years old.  It's a hobby of mine. :)  I currently have six girl names and two boy names on my list.  Clearly, I must like girl names better.

4.  I eat bacon every morning.  
Weird, right?  I started doing the Atkins diet about a year ago and bacon was the breakfast I started eating.  And ya'll, I haven't stopped.  It's the reason I get out of bed some mornings.  For real.

6.  I secretly wish I was Amish.  
Maybe that statement is a little too bold because I don't know exactly what all they believe.  But I do wish for a more simple life.  I think it's awesome they live the way they do.  I wish I could give up tv, internet, etc. and cook some bread from scratch.  Their kids run around and play all day.  It's just so simple.  NOT easy, but simple.  I also long for the sense of community that the families share together.  I think it's awesome.  Although i would have to get rid of my skinny jeans. :)

7.  I can eat the same thing for days and days.  
And days and days and days.  I get on food kicks and then can't stop.  Some of my more recent food kicks:  apples and peanut butter, cheese and wheat thins, chips and guacamole.  And I eat all of these as meals.  Yum.  When Robert recently made pulled pork bbq I ate it for about nine meals in a row.  (Not including breakfast of course...I was eating bacon!)

Hopefully we will get our computer back soon and I can start blogging our pictures again!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Deals and Keeping Her Busy

*I started working on this post a few days ago and then our computer got sick.  :(  Really sick.  Anyway, we took it to the computer place and that's where it currently resides.  This might be my last post for a couple of weeks.  In related news...I really wish I knew a lot about computers.  Those people are making a KILLING.  Too bad I don't!*

In the past couple of days I have scored some good deals.  Good as in I got this:

...and this...

...for $2!  Woohoo.  Before you start thinking I am an amazing coupon person,  I am not.  The basketball goal was sitting out with our neighbors trash, so we definitely snatched it up!  (By the way, it's in perfect condition.  Why would you put it out with the trash rather than giving it away?  Or maybe you just assume someone will pick it up?)  And the table I bought from someone who was buying something from me so the difference only ended up being $2!  The table definitely isn't one I would choose if I just had all the money in the world, but I decided that I could handle it for only two dollars!

You know how I posted the other day that Ellington played outside ALL morning and it was wonderful?!  Well the other day I spent the majority of the morning filling up the pool, making sure it was a good temp, finding toys, getting her ready, sun-screening, and bug spraying so that she could play outside in the pool.  Not to be dramatic, but it was kind of a lot of work.  Ha.  After about ten minutes in the pool Ellington said "I am all done.  I want to go inside and put on a princess dress."  Haha.  I was like, "  You have to play longer".  She wasn't really having it.  So, a little tip I thought I would share...I went inside and found an old paint brush and let her "paint" with water all over everything.  She LOVED it!  So, if your child gets bored...let them paint with water!

Hopefully it won't be too long before I am back again!