Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easter in Philadelphia {2015}

After a fun Friday morning at the zoo and a 3 hour car ride, we were happy to get to Philadelphia for Easter! That evening the girls had fun outside with Pop while I enjoyed a little time with Reagan on the front porch.  

They love having so much room to roam in Pop and Grams' yard.

These two are big buddies!

On Saturday it turned a lot cooler!  The four of us went with Pop to the farm for a little bit.

Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson got to Philadelphia around lunch on Saturday.  Ellington and Emerson were delighted to be reunited as usual!  On Saturday afternoon we dyed Easter eggs.

Sunday morning we went to the early Easter service at 8:00 and then went back for the regular worship service at 11:00.  Finley went to the nursery during the 11:00 service and did GREAT!  I was sooo thankful for that!

Easter surprises :)

Easter Sunday was also our 7th anniversary!  There wasn't anything particularly "anniversary" about the day...but I guess that's what happens when you have been married 7 years.  We did get a picture of just the two of us which we never do!

Finley peeked a little during the hiding of the Easter eggs.  Good thing she didn't know what it was about anyway. ;)

Emerson (4), Finley (21 months), and Ellington (5 1/2)

We had a wonderful Easter together!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Good Friday at the Zoo

We went to the zoo for the first time last year on Good Friday (right before we moved here) and decided to go again this year on Good Friday to continue the tradition and to go once more before our membership expired!  The girls were SO excited (Robert and I were too!).

For some reason on this zoo trip, Ellington asked me to take her picture 9 million times.  So you'll see lots of her...and I didn't even include all that we took!  :)

We decided to hit up the farm first which is not what we usually do and not a popular spot at the beginning of the day.  I chose this because it's an area that is SUPER easy for Finley to walk around in and she would really be able to see the animals.  We wanted her to stretch her legs some too before riding in the stroller.  It ended up being the PERFECT plan.  We were the only ones in the area and we all just had the best time together!  

We got there as they were feeding the sheep!

Finley had some veggie straws in the cup holder of her stroller and she thought it was SO fun to be able to grab some whenever she wanted.

Robert finally got to ride the train!  (Apparently every time we have been I was the one to ride.  So I gave him a turn!)

I loved this picture because you can see Finley saying "bye".  She looooved the train ride!

This was my favorite part!!!!  There were THREE monkeys with babies!  I could have stayed there ALL day!

We all LOVE the grizzly bears!

We had the best morning together!!!  Such fun memories!  After lunch at ChickfilA (because oh man....zoo food is TOO expensive!), we headed to Philadelphia for Easter!