Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just A Swingin'

Yesterday after a trip to Lowe's to get some chain (we all went and it was fun!'s weird what things are fun now), Robert put up Ellington's new swing. She seemed to really love her swing! I am so excited we have it up and have another option of something to do during the day. This was also the first time she's worn her sweet little summer hat.

Someone pinch me...I really get to keep her?!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Weekend

Here is Ellington on Saturday morning, you can tell she was already feeling MUCH better by then.

When did my baby get so big? I think she's been on a serious growth spurt lately. Every time Robert and I look at her we talk about how much she's grown! I think she even wakes up from her naps bigger.

Below you will see the task I have been putting off for awhile. That pile of clothes has been laying in that exact position for a couple of weeks.

My plans were to take them right out of the closet (well a small armoire...our house has REALLY small closets so I use the one in our room and Robert uses the one in E's room) and put them in the storage container. However, when I started pulling them out it made me all teary eyed because I didn't want to pack them away. In that stack is the outfit she wore when we got our Christmas tree, the dress she wore on Thanksgiving, and a thousand more little memories of day to day. Normally I am not at all sentimental like that, but with the clothes I was. Saturday morning I felt like getting stuff accomplished so I tackled the pile, with a little help from a sweet little girl.

Unfortunately that was just 0-3 month stuff and I'm about to have to do it all over again with 3-6 month clothes!

We had been planning on going to the baseball game on Saturday, but with Ellington being sick we knew we wouldn't be able to go. On Friday my dad called and said that he had some extra tickets and offered for us to go with him and Pappaw and my mom would stay with Ellington. I said, sign me up! I really needed a break and even though I hadn't been feeling great (allergy stuff) I jumped at the chance. Saturday when we left for the game Ellington was sleeping. I wasn't sure how she would do when she woke up and I wasn't there since she didn't do so great without me last weekend. Well, she woke up and was fine for a little bit, but then realized I wasn't there and made her feelings known!!! We had to leave the game early, but I didn't mind...I don't want my baby to be so upset. When we got back to the house she REACHED FOR ME for the first time! Sooooo sweet. I don't know if I will be getting a break from her anytime soon. :)

By Sunday I was really quite sick so we stayed home from church. I knew if we went I would probably end up in the nursery with Ellington anyway and didn't want to be sick around all of the other babies! Robert did a great job of taking care of both of us!

So that was our weekend! I am feeling much better, as is Ellington. I will leave you with one more picture of our girl!

(I think she is smiling so big because she thought I looked ridiculous with a breathe right strip on my nose. Have you ever used one when you are congested??? If you haven't you SHOULD!!! Just don't go out in public! I used them last year when I was sick. I was pregnant at the time so I couldn't take much medicine. They work GREAT!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

This Can't Be Good

You might be thinking, "Oh that's so sweet. Ellington is alseep in her swing." Around here we are thinking, "Oh no...she really doesn't feel good!"

Ellington doesn't just fall asleep in her swing. She's not that kind of baby. She wants to be left alone in her own bed to get her beauty rest. Our sweet girl is not feeling good at all today! She doesn't really fall asleep in our arms either. Ever. Yesterday I could only get her to sleep while I was holding her. She slept for about an hour, woke up and cried for quite awhile, and went back to sleep for about another hour. Poor baby. We'll be visiting the doctor this afternoon. Well, the swing nap is over...I've got to go!

***Update: We went to the doctor's office because of cold/allergy symptoms and it turns out Ellington has a double ear infection. Poor baby!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ellington's New Ride

My favorite thing on my baby registry was a precious umbrella stroller. I loved it more than a person should love a stroller. As my due date neared I realized that this stroller was out of stock! I was really upset that sweet Ellington wouldn't have the stroller I loved so much. I have since checked back frequently, hoping that they would get another stock as Spring neared...and sure enough, they did! Wednesday we let Ellington go for her first little stroll in it. It came in especially handy later that night when Robert was at class and Ellington was REALLY fussy. We just walked up and down our driveway in it! I probably wouldn't have gone to the trouble of getting the big stroller out for such a sort period of time so the new stroller worked great!

I am so happy to have my cute stroller, but I am even more happy about the sweet girl who gets to ride in it!

Sping is Here!

Hooray for warmer weather and beautiful days! We are soooo glad that Spring is finally here! Tuesday we set out for a walk on a gorgeous morning. One of the many blessings of staying at home with Ellington is that we can take advantage of such wonderful weather!

Gus loves going on walks too! He has learned the hard way that he can't walk right in front of the stroller or he'll get run over. Well, I don't know if he's really learned it. He forgets often!

I LOVE this tree in front of our house and I get so excited every year when it is covered in purple blooms. I just looked out the window and it probably now has twice as many blooms!

Here's another beautiful tree in our front yard.

I think our days in the swing are numbered, but sometime she still seems to enjoy it!

Ellington wanted to help Daddy do a little work.

Slobber much?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visit to Philadelphia

This past weekend Robert went out of town so Ellington and I headed to Philadelphia to spend some time with GiGi, Pop, Reagan, and Pappaw. It had actually been awhile since we had been there-we went there a lot when she was really small! This time was definitely different though. It was the first time that she has REALLY showed preference in being with me rather than someone else. It's soooo sweet that she loves me that much, but I want others to be able to enjoy her as well! I know it's just a phase though and she'll eventually grow out of it.

Playing with Pop

Reagan cooked a delicious supper for us Friday night! She worked so hard and did a great job. She was in the kitchen for 4 hours from start to clean up! I am pretty sure I've never been in the kitchen that long.

Ellington was happy in the swing about long enough for me to fix my plate. She much preferred to be at the table with everyone else!

We had a great weekend! Thanks for having us GiGi and Pop!

I'm Back!

I am finally back. I never got my picture situation completely resolved. I just reloaded all 800+ pictures so that I could get the most recent ones. Even though I've only been blogging for 2 months or so, I missed it a lot! I think it gives me an outlet during the day. :)

For some reason Robert and I really love St. Patrick's Day and always get really excited about it. We don't usually end up doing anything too exciting, but we enjoy it anyway. This year we went to eat at Mugshots. They were having live music, but I think we were there a little too early for all of the fun. We did see a man in a kilt though!

This isn't from St. Patrick's Day, but she is in green and is oh so I thought I would add it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

So, I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday St. Patrick's Day Edition. It was going to be super cute. However, my camera and computer have failed me. Therefor, you get no cute pictures of my sweet baby wearing green. I am really frustrated with the computer right now. When I insert my camera card, the computer always automatically imports the new pictures that have been taken. I don't know if everyone's is this way....but you can't choose which pictures to import, it just does the new ones. My card got taken to Wal-Mart and put in the machines there. I guess once you do something like that when you reinsert it into the computer it thinks ALL of the pictures are new. I have over 800 on my card so it wanted to import all of them. I don't want all of them. I only want like 8. So anyway, Robert and I tried to get around that somehow and got nowhere. Bummer.
Happy St. Patrick's Day and maybe I'll get those pictures on here at some point!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend! We didn't have to go anywhere, no one came here, and Robert didn't have to work overtime. We like going places, we like having people come visit, and we like the pay from Robert's overtime but it was soooo nice to just have the 3 of us for the weekend. We just enjoyed being together.

Friday night we watched the first MSU game of the SEC championship. Ellington even watched the beginning!

She was seriously into it! She likes watching sports. It must have been all of that college football that she had to watch the first couple of months of her life!

As we were watching basketball on Saturday Robert and I reminisced about a Saturday in October when Ellington was a tiny baby. We spent the whole day on the couch watching football and holding Ellington. One of us held her all day long. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to. We would switch off when whoever was holding had to go to the bathroom or had to eat. That is such a sweet memory.

Anyway...Friday night as I was feeding Ellington before bed Robert went to pick up some supper for us. He got back about the time I was finishing putting Ellington down. I looked at his face and knew something was wrong. When he was backing out of our driveway, he hit a truck that was parked in the road. Yikes! I do have to defend him though. Our road is narrow (not the size of most streets), our road is not well lit, and the truck was black. I am not at liberty to say if Robert has done this EXACT same thing before. :) He was pretty upset but I tired to help him keep things in perspective. Also, we discovered that instead of giving us rotel for our chips they had mistakenly put some type of soup in our bag. What a bummer. I love chips and rotel. Robert called them and they mailed a gift card for another meal! How nice is that?! It made not getting rotel totally worth it!

Friday night I got a sweet treat. I haven't been sleeping well AT ALL. Ellington is pretty much sleeping through the night, but I certainly am not. Every sound she makes on the monitor wakes me up and then I can't go back to sleep. Plus, since she's been sleeping through the night she has been waking up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30. Yes, I said 5:30. Not good. So, Robert volunteered to sleep on the couch with the monitor and let me sleep in. (I also might or might not have taken something to help me sleep) Robert did have to get up and feed her in the night, but the next morning I was the first one up! I thought I was suppose to be sleeping late??!! Ha! Ellington slept until 8:15!!! She NEVER sleeps this late. Amazing. Once she got up we headed to Starkville Cafe for breakfast. It was super yummy and Ellington was so sweet while we were there.

Saturday Ellington took 2 super long naps (very unusual) and we just enjoyed being around the house. Saturday night Robert and I watched The Time Traveler's Wife. I am pretty sure this is the first movie we have rented since having Ellington. Usually I am way too tired to want to sit through a whole movie! Unfortunately, we didn't really like the movie. It wasn't bad...just too far fetched for us I guess.

Sunday we enjoyed going to church and enjoyed Ellington's 3 hour nap after church! I don't have any clue why she slept so much over the weekend. It's very unlike her! I woke her up from the 3 hour nap and later she wanted to sleep again...and I had to wake her up after an hour because it was 5:00 and I wanted her to sleep at night! Here a a few pictures of her playing on Sunday afternoon!

Here Ellington is demonstrating her newest "trick". She loves to suck her bottom lip in. She is always so proud of herself. Sometimes it makes her look like an old lady with no teeth!

Here are a couple of pictures of Ellington eating supper Sunday night.

This was the first time Ellington had eaten in her Bumbo seat. Usually she eats in her elephant chair because it leans back. She did ok eating her vegetable in the Bumbo, but the peaches were much more runny so I had to move her to the other seat. I moved Ellington and asked Robert to bring the peaches and the spoon. He put the long spoon in the little container...and well, I ended up with peaches all over and in my hair. I was sitting on the floor when he was about to hand it to me. It was quite a mess, but very funny!

If you stuck around and read about our whole weekend, thanks! :) I hope yours was great as well!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet Baby

When my mom was here on Tuesday I swiped her memory card from her camera to save some of the pictures on our computer. Mom has lots of pictures of Ellington's first few weeks that I don't have. My recovery was so difficult that taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. So unfortunately, I didn't have many pictures of her tiny little self. Lately I have really been realizing how fast she is growing and have so enjoyed looking at pictures of her from when she was a newborn. I thought I would share some of the pictures of little baby Ellington.

This last picture is so funny to me because she has a pacifier. I think she took a paci for about 2 weeks and that was it. We have tried since then and she will have nothing to do with it!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am slightly concerned about Ellington's lack of rolling over so yesterday we decided to help her practice. I don't think it helped any, but at least it made us feel like we are doing something. :) I know all babies develop at their own rate, but I think it's about time for a little rolling action!

Yep, I would much rather be on my back!

This is Ellington playing early this morning in her pjs.

Today we got an unexpected visit from GiGi. When she found out she didn't have to work today, she headed to see us. Ellington enjoyed spending time with her and I enjoyed our lunch at MiHacienda!

Oh those beautiful eyes!

Also, we need to wish happy birthday to Big Bob! We got to celebrate with him this past weekend, but today is the actual day! We hope it's been a great day for you Big Bob!