Friday, September 13, 2013

2 Month Well Check-Up

Yesterday we had Finley's 2 month well check-up.  It was exhausting!  Taking both girls and juggling all of our stuff, a crying baby, attempting to talk to the doctor, trying to nurse outside of our house, and shots just about wore me out.  Motherhood. :)  After the drama of the appointment Finley took and AMAZING nap!

After getting some great sleep, Finley woke up in a wonderful mood!  I was so excited about it because you never know how they will react after shots.  

I can't believe I have two girls.  I LOVE it!

She was smiling at her big sister!

Finley weighed 12 lbs. 9 oz. and was in the 75th percentile.
She was 22.25 inches and in the 25th percentile.
So basically, short and fat. :)  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Baby Shower and Bulldogs

Last week our small group threw a SURPRISE baby shower for Stacie.  She thought we were just having girls night at our house but oh no...we were ready to party! :)

Todd and Stacie are expecting their second boy, Mason, who will be here in October.  It was such a fun night of celebrating!

I am so disappointed that I only have two pictures!!!  Once we started the shower I guess I was just enjoying myself too much.  I really wanted to get a group shot once Robert came home near the end, but totally forgot.  Boo!

Saturday was MSU's 1st home football game of the season.  We had some of Robert's family over for lunch before the game.  Brad, Connor, Big Bob, MiMi, Daniel, and Laura all came by.  

Ellington was THRILLED to have Connor here!

I am not sure if they were entertaining Finley or if she was entertaining them! :)

Finley met Uncle Daniel for the first time.  She also got to meet Aunt Laura, but we didn't get a picture with her.  Laura had to come a little later because of work and by the time she arrived Finley was having a little meltdown because she was ready for her nap!

On Sunday during small group (which meets at our house), we got Parker and Finley together for their first picture!  They have been around each other a few times before, but we hadn't taken pictures yet.  They were born 6 days apart!

After the baby shower, Robert's family coming on Saturday, and small group on Sunday we hosted three different events within five days!  Whew.  The floor was at least vacuumed often. :)  We enjoyed our action packed week!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finley {Two Months}

Finley, you are two months old now!

Normally I would probably say, "Wow!  I can't believe she is already two months old.  She is growing up sooo fast!" but I actually feel like she should be older.  I feel like she's been with us forever.  And not in a bad way.  It seems like so long ago when she was born and I really can't imagine our family without her.  I am so thankful to have her with us, even when she won't.stop.crying.  Yes, even then.  Precious girl.

Finley, what are you up to at 2 months old?

You weigh around 11 lbs.  

You wear size 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diaper.

You still have NO schedule.  It use to drive me crazy but I think I am getting use to it now.  

You nurse on demand. I thought this was something that I wouldn't do, but nursing is just so different from bottle feeding.  Ellington was (unfortunately) bottle fed and so having a feeding schedule was natural and definitely the thing to do.  It's just different with nursing so we just do it whenever.  You nurse anywhere from every 1 1/2 to 4 hours.  It just depends if you are sleeping well, awake a bunch, crying, etc. We just kind of go with the flow.  (Soooo not my personality so it was hard to adjust to!)

You usually take a short morning nap, but it can vary because of having to take Ellington to school, ballet, etc.  It definitely isn't usually the best nap.  You almost always take and AMAZING afternoon nap.  

You still sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room in the nap nanny which is in the pack-and-play.  Again, this is something that has really surprised me!  Ellington stayed maybe two nights at the most in our bedroom and then she moved to her own room.  But,'s just different this time.  One of the biggest reasons is that in our old house E's room was right next to ours.  Your room in our current house is on the other side of the house!  And again, since I am nursing this time it's just easier to have you close by.  We will probably work on transitioning you soon, but I honestly can't imagine you not being in the same room with us.  I NEVER thought I would say that! (Obviously our parenting experiences with both girls is very different!  They are super similar babies, but we have done things so differently.  Not really on purpose or just kind of happened!)

You have found ceiling fans and LOVE them!

You usually hate riding in your car seat.

You have started making lots of eye contact and SMILING at us!  It's the best.  Ellington can usually get the biggest smiles from you. :)

You have some eczema/skin issues that we are trying to figure out.  The lotion we had been using on you that has lavender in it made you break out horribly and it took us awhile to put it together!

You have big cheeks and no neck.  It's adorable.

You have started enjoying your swing.  Hooray!

You currently refuse bottles.  We've really got to make some progress in this area because you start going to "school" 3 mornings a week in October. :-(

Finley, these first two months with you have been really really hard and a really HUGE blessing.  We wouldn't change it for anything!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Football is Back!

We loooove football at our house.  Specifically, college football.  Even more specifically, SEC football.  We were super pumped on Thursday for the kick-off to the new season!  I made some sandwiches and dip and we had fun hanging out together and watching football!

Ellington even loves football.  And Tinkerbell. :)

Finley did GREAT!  We all got to eat and watch some football without her screaming the whole time.  It was a nice treat for two weary parents!

Friday was the first "Maroon Friday" of the season and Ellington was THRILLED to be a cheerleader at school.

Robert had to work Saturday, but because of today's Labor Day holiday we get to have THREE days in a row with him!!  That is major! :)  He was off Sunday, today for the holiday, and his normal week day off is Tuesday.  We are loving all being together and hanging out!