Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Back!

Can you believe it?! I am finally blogging again! Yay!!! Since I last posted we have:  survived 3 months of Robert living and working in another state, sold a house, bought a house, and moved.  And those are just the BIG things! ;)  I am so ready to get caught back up on everything so stay tuned...there will hopefully be lots of posts in the next several weeks!  And I am going all the way back to where I left off so hang tight. :)

One Sunday afternoon in March we headed to campus to do one of Ellington's favorite activities...riding her bike!  There is definitely not a shortage of sidewalks to keep her busy!

This little cutie was content in the stroller.

I love that sweet wrinkled nose!

This particular weekend the girls and I tried out the double stroller for the first time after Daddy left on Sunday evening.  (I got the stroller used and loooove it!)  Sunday evenings once Robert left were always REALLY hard.  I guess facing the whole week alone again always seemed really daunting.  But we survived!!!

Keep checking back!  Hopefully I will be MUCH more regular now!