Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Finley {18 Months}

On January 2nd Finley officially turn a year and a half!  The picture below is the only half way decent one I could get of her.

Because ya'll....this is one BUSY girl!

Then she decided to brush her hair. :)

Finley, what are you up to at 18 months?

You weigh 25 lbs 12 oz and are 30.5 inches tall

You wear size 18 month clothes and size 4 diaper

You go to bed between 7:30-8:00 every night and pretty much wake up at 7:00 am on the dot!

You take one afternoon nap.  It can last an hour and a half or three.  It's kind of unpredictable!

You are a carb girl just like your big sister!  You love crackers, veggie straws, vanilla wafers, etc.


You think it is sooooo funny when we tell you "no" and you rarely obey.  I know you are young still but this scares us....a lot!  Ha!

You can say ANYTHING  you please!  You are a talker!!!  Everyone always comments about how well you can speak.

You know just about every animal sound there is to know...dog, cat, cow, horse, duck, rooster, sheep, elephant, lion, bear, bird (I am probably leaving something out!)

You are loving life since you started walking!

You almost exclusively call Ellington "Sister" even though you can say her name.  I LOVE it!

You still looooove bath time and you come running when you hear the water!

You are extremely into Minnie Mouse right now.

You still love climbing up in our laps to read a book.

You do great at school now and don't cry at all!!!  You still cry every.single.Sunday at church though. :(

Finley, we love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you!  You keep us on the go and on alert at all times.  We can't believe you will be TWO soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Day in Philadelphia

After Christmas morning fun at our house we headed to my parents house.  Now that we've moved it's a much longer drive but we got there...eventually! :)  

Our family picture!  

We enjoyed a DELICIOUS lunch together!

I always love their Christmas tree!

Poor Emerson was actually really sick on Christmas day (and I think several days afterward).  He tried hard to hang in there.

We NEVER take pictures of just the five of us so it was fun to get this one!

Time for more presents!  So much fun!

Mom had lots of fun Christmas themed games for us to play.  We all enjoyed it!

I tried to get a picture of both of the girls but crazy Finley kept running away so I got one with just Ellington!

One of Ellington's very favorite gifts was this camera.  She took a picture of EVERYTHING.  It was like living with the paparazzi.  Ha!  So we took a picture of each other taking a picture. :)

What a great end to a WONDERFUL Christmas season!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at our house.  It was sweet and simple....and just perfect!  The girls had a blast and we loved watching their excitement.  

That white puppy is the ONE thing that Ellington asked for Christmas.  She was SO EXCITED to find it under the tree.  Sweet sweet memories!!!

Stockings are always so much fun!

Finley was LOVING the car!  In fact, she cried when we got her out to look at her other stuff!

I just love this one of her peeking into her stocking!

This would be the point in the morning when Robert and I got teary eyed.  MONTHS ago Ellington made Christmas presents for us and hid them under her bed.  When we put the stockings up, she put our drawings in them with strict rules not to peek!!!  After she had opened a gift (but still had others), this sweet girl remembered our gifts and was SOOOOOO excited it give them to us!  It was so shocking to me that a five year old in the midst of Christmas morning, with gifts still to unwrap, would remember those gifts.  She is really the sweet girl ever!

This lego table of Finley's has been a BIG hit for both girls!!!

Christmas morning breakfast!

Finley looooves Olaf so Ellington wanted to get her one for Christmas.  She had such a blast picking it out and then helping Finley unwrap it.  But the part she loves the most is how much Finley loves it!!!

What a FUN Christmas morning!  It is definitely one of the best times as a family!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas in Brownsville

We started off our Christmas travels at Big Bob and MiMi's in Brownsville.  Of course lots of playtime is always on the agenda!

Finley looooves Bro-Bro!  These two are probably going to get into lots of mischief when Finley gets a little older!

Christmas Eve morning!!!

Christmas cartoons in pjs :)

Christmas Eve breakfast

Robert had to work part of the day on Christmas Eve which was really sad but we were so happy when he was able to come back to us!

We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Eve Candlelight service at Big Bob and MiMi's church.

After the service we went back for a delicious supper and a birthday cake for Jesus.

After supper it was time for gifts!  Ellington was over the moon excited! :)

What a wonderful Christmas in Brownsville!