Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Few Pictures from February

I am soooo behind on blogging! The storage on the computer is full (I don't even know how to say that in computer terms?!) and I can't load any new pictures. There is probably a way around it but I am computer clueless. Ha. So these are just a few pictures that I already had loaded onto the computer.

This day was the first time Finley really sat up by herself for more than a few seconds and it was the first time for the girls to play princesses together! :)

Ellington has been really  into sidewalk chalk lately.

Sweet girl!  This was only a month ago but she looks sooooo different to me!  They grow up fast.

Any time it is warm now, Ellington immediately wants to go outside.  While I am ALL about it there is NOTHING for her to do in our yard really and she gets bored quickly playing by herself.  I am so hopeful that one day soon we can get a play structure!  One day it was really windy so I gave Ellington her streamer.  It kept her happy for awhile! :)

Precious Finley!

This baby food picture is also funny to me because she never eats baby food anymore!  She really didn't eat it often or well anyway.  Ellington LOOOOOVED baby food.  We spent SO much money on it and she ate a ton and for a long time.  Finley has never liked it.  So, she just nurses and eats a little bit of table food.  She seems to be doing just fine without it!

Maybe I can get the picture situation figured out and can get back up to date before the craziness of moving really starts...or maybe not.  We'll see!  We've got a little more than a month left in Starkville.  I am SOOOOO sad to leave.  Like, so so so sad.  BUT, I am really excited about being back together with Robert and I am excited about settling into our new life!