Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

Friday night we had a party to announce to our family if our baby is a boy or a girl.  I had a lot of fun preparing for this party!  I use to really get overwhelmed by parties/get togethers but I am finally starting to enjoy it!  I ordered a party printable package from etsy and printed/cut out/assembled everything myself.  The party grew and grew (in terms of decorations) but it was fun!  It gave me something to do with all of my excited energy. :)  After all, I did know the gender of the baby for 4 days before the party.  I was dying for everyone else to know too!  

I will start with the decorations!

The voting station 

I even did themed candy bars.  This falls into "the party grew" section. Ha :)

I even decorated the cups.  It was starting to get out of control.

Of course Ellington guessed "Girl'!

Yum!!!  The food! :)

When everyone arrived they had to cast their vote.

All of the votes have been cast.
I was SHOCKED that the girl category won!  I really thought that boy would win by a land slide!

And now for the BIG moment...

PINK balloons!  It's a GIRL!!!

This big sister was a little bit excited!

We are SOOOO thrilled to be adding another little girl to our family!

We had a wonderful time at the party and were so happy that we could announce it to our family in such a fun way!  I hope they had as much fun as we did!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Boy or Girl?

Tuesday afternoon Robert and I found out what our baby is! :)  It was such a special time that I am so glad we were able to enjoy together!  We are having a party tomorrow to announce to our family what the baby is.  Many people have asked why we didn't wait and find out at the party too.  That was originally my plan, but then I decided that it wasn't the way I really wanted to do it.  It is really really helpful to me to be able to see the baby on the screen and have the tech clearly show me what the baby is.  It helps me to believe it more.  Like, if I just found out at the party I think I would always wonder if it was really true.  Even a picture isn't the same as seeing it during the ultrasound.  Plus, I don't know what my emotions would be like when I found out and it would be awkward to me to deal with in front of people.  So, we are having the best of both worlds- Robert and I found out together at the doctor's office and we get to share the news with everyone together.  Obviously I am MOST excited about telling Ellington.  So, check back here for a full party report sometime over the weekend. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

So, We're Having a Baby!

When I first found out I was pregnant I was super excited that I was blogging during this pregnancy so that I could document it and remember all sorts of things that I don't remember with Ellington.  And then...I didn't blog.  Now I'm halfway through and haven't blogged a thing about being pregnant (other than feeling sick all through Christmas).  I also don't have any pictures. :(  Shame.  I have a few on instagram but for some reason no matter what I try I can't get them on here.  My goal is to try to get better about taking a pic every few weeks on the real camera and give pregnancy updates.  We'll see.

So how about a few details with no pictures?  Let's start at the beginning. :)  I found out I was pregnant on Monday Oct. 29th at about 6:30 am.  Robert goes to a men's Bible study really early on Monday mornings and he was already gone.  So I found out alone in our bathroom before school. :)  I was SHOCKED.  Even though it is definitely what we wanted, I was not expecting it that morning.  It was fun going through the day knowing that I was the only person in the whole world who knew I was pregnant.  Robert had a meeting in Jackson that day and didn't get home until late afternoon.  Ellington colored a pictured for him that said "I am going to be a big sister!" and she gave it to him when he got home.  He was excited and a little shocked too I think.  We told our families in November.  I am just not good at the waiting part.  Then we announced it to the rest of the world either at the verrry end of November.  

So, how have I been feeling?  Glad you asked.  The first four months were rough.  Maybe tmi, but I didn't throw up as much as I did with Ellington but I generally felt worse than I did with Ellington.  It was like I was always under some yucky feeling cloud.  Robert was around a lot during most of this time and did SO MUCH.  I don't know how I would have made it without him!  Ellington was also super sweet and always tried to take care of me.  I still have moments of not feeling great but overall I am doing really really well now!

I am about 2 days away from being 20 full weeks so I am halfway done!  That seems really crazy, but July still seems like a loooong way away!  We find out whether we are having a girl or a boy NEXT week!  Yay!  I have been very impatient these last few weeks.  I am ready to know!  I went and looked at E's unltrasound pic and we found out with her at 17 wks 5 days, so it seems like it has taken extra long this time. :)  I have NO clue what we are having.  Mostly I lean towards boy just because we already have a girl, but who knows?!  I can.not.wait.  

So there is a brief update of the last 20 weeks. Hopefully I can document a little more in the next 20 weeks!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Week 2013

I loooove Valentine's Day!  Ellington does too which makes it even more fun.  It is so funny to me when people are grumpy about Valentine's Day and say it's just a holiday that Hallmark created.  Well, ok.  I don't mind!  It is still fun.  And it isn't really the romantic part (at all), it's just fun to show people you love (no matter who they, friends, coworkers...whoever!) that you care and give little treats!  It also is a good distraction from winter wearing on.  

We started out a few days early on Tuesday and made some Valentine cupcakes.  I say "we".  Ha.  Once again it was all Robert and Ellington.  Although I did ice the cupcakes! :)

Wednesday morning Ellington and I had our Valentine parties at school.  She was SOOOO excited!  If you are a teacher you know that Vday is the WILDEST holiday of the whole school year.  My class this year didn't disappoint.  Ha.  It was a crrrrrazy morning but the kids had a blast.

Thursday morning (actually Valentine's Day) Ellington and I woke up to some wonderful surprises!  I wasn't expecting anything but Robert got me flowers, Reese's hearts, a card (with a itunes gift card so I could get a couple of books!), and he made cinnamon rolls.  This pregnant lady was the most excited about the cinnamon rolls!!!!  I mean, a warm breakfast that was already done?!  Yes please!

Ellington got a few surprises too!

We met Robert for lunch and had one of the best lunches together.  I have NO clue what made it so special but I just had the best time!  What a fun Valentine's Day we had!!  Ellington is already asking what holiday comes next. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Fun Filled Saturday

This past Saturday Robert had to work so Ellington and I did our new Saturday morning routine...Walmart.  Ha.  Lovely.  It's gotta be done, right?  Saturday after nap Ellington and I headed to Thomas' 2nd bday party.  Robert and I are in a small group with Thomas' parents and therefor E and Thomas hang out a lot!  Ellington loooves a birthday party!

Ellington got to make a car that she could wear.  Sh loved this little project!

Can you tell that she was a little bit excited?  Ha!

Mary Beth tried to get all of the kids together for a picture with their cars, but these were the only cooperative ones!

The birthday boy!

After the party we headed home to meet up with Robert, who had gotten off work, to head to the rodeo.  I will admit this is not our normal activity but it was a lot of fun!  It was definitely a fun family activity!  Before it started they had pony rides and a petting zoo.  

I LOVE this picture.  It pretty much sums up how Ellington was feeling. :)

This was Ellington's first rodeo...and pony ride!

This isn't the best picture but I loved her sweet face!

I made Robert walk beside her even though she would have probably been perfectly fine alone. :)

It was definitely not a normal activity for us, but we had a blast!

And ya'll, with this post I am caught back up!  I feel like our lives haven't been very exciting lately so I am not sure what I will blog about but hopefully I can come up with something!  Thanks for sticking around. :)