Thursday, June 30, 2011

Destin - Days 1 & 2

Where better to start than the beginning?  Early Saturday morning Robert, Ellington, and I headed for Destin, Fl.  My Dad has a convention there every year and we tag along. :)  This year Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson came as well.  I hadn't been on a vacation with my brother in several years so it was quite a treat! 

The drive went about as expected with a toddler, although not completely horrible!  In the picture below we had stopped at Barnes & Noble in Mobile to let Ellington run around for a bit.  They had a train table out that she love playing with!!!

We were actually the first to arrive at the resort (but only by a few minutes!).  Ellington was waiting for everyone else to arrive!

After bringing ALL of our stuff in, Ellington enjoyed some fresh strawberries that my parents picked up at a Farmer's Market on the way down.

On Saturday night Robert, Ellington, and I went to supper at Pompano Joe's.  Everyone else had eaten a big late lunch, but we had eaten a small early we decided to head on to supper earlier than everyone else wanted.  I LOVE eating right on the beach.  It's one of my favorite things about vacations!!!

Ellington hasn't been too much into coloring because she hasn't ever figured out how hard to least I think that was the problem.  Her lines would always be super light.  Well, on this trip she figured out how to do it!  She was so happy about her artwork!

On Sunday morning all of us kids (and our kids!) were up before my parents.  I am pretty sure that hasn't ever happened.  We all reversed roles!

Sunday morning we hit the pool.  I didn't get many good pictures.  I guess I was too busy just enjoying our time!  Ellington loved the pool, but she kept wanting to stand in the deep water.  She didn't understand that it would be over her head.  She got REALLY frustrated about this! 

We all went to lunch together and then made a quick trip the bookstore.  When we got back to the resort they were still cleaning our rooms, so we hung out in the lobby for a bit!  After that, it was time for naps!

After nap time, the three of us went to the Bass Pro Shop.  Ellington LOVES going to stores that have lots of animals, so we thought she would enjoy it.

Sunday night Robert and I got a special treat.  We got to go out on a date!  We went to Harry T's and thoroughly enjoyed our time together!!!  After a trying afternoon with Ellington, I really needed and appreciated a night out with just Robert.  I forgot get a picture of us together, but here I am before we left with Emerson...

And, with Ellington too!  She was smiling so big she closed her eyes!

After supper, we stopped at The Donut Hole to pick up a key lime pie for everyone to enjoy and a few donuts for the next morning.  We had a great (and much appreciated!) night out!

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Good Kind of Busy

It's been a little quite around the blog the last few days. We've been a little busy...

We've been busy...
  • Swimming
  • Eating
  • Digging
  • Eating
  • Building
  • Eating
  • Splashing
  • Eating
  • De-Sanding
  • Eating
We are back from our trip to the beach and we are all blissfully EXHAUSTED.  I only have two days (one of which I will work) to unpack and wash only to do it all over again for the 4th of July weekend.  The house is a MESS and we have nothing to eat.  But, we are having a great time and making special memories. That's worth a little extra work!  Hopefully I will be able to blog about at least part of our trip soon, but if not...I'll be back after the 4th!  Happy summer all!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New Bag and A New Beginning

I recently decided it was time to retire Ellington's baby bag. I had been carrying it around for 20 months and it was looking very worn! I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I didn't want it to be babyish but I still wanted it to be durable and practical. We were at a local store recently when I thought that a Vera Bradley bag would work perfectly. I, however, do not appreciate Vera Bradley's price tag. Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a 50% off shelf on the very bottom of the display! It was my lucky day!

Ellington's old bag on the left and the new bag on the right

As you know, I have been one of Ellington's teachers at Parents Morning Out this school year.  Her other teacher is Mrs. Carrie.  Ellington LOVES LOVES LOVES Mrs. Carrie.  They are fast friends for sure.  Thursday was Mrs. Carrie's last day at school because she is starting nursing school.  We are so happy for her, but we will miss her soooo much!!!  Ellington is going to be so sad when we go back to school and Mrs. Carrie isn't there.  I am going to be sad too because we have had such a great year together and she is a wonderful person to work with!  Carrie is definitely the baby whisperer.  I am VERY hesitant to leave Ellington with other people, but I trust Carrie totally and completely.  Not only is she great with the babies, but they have so much FUN with her too!  We wish her the very best luck in nursing school though! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favorites {Cleaning Tip}

One of my favorite cleaning tips came from the bloggy world a couple of years ago. I can't remember where I read it, but I always remembered it and recently put it into action!

Introducing my new friend....
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!
I am sure Magic Erasers are handy at cleaning lots of things, but I use them to clean Ellington's white sandals and white Keds.  And ya'll....they really are "magic"!!!  When her Keds started looking a little rough, I remembered this little cleaning tip and tried it out.  I couldn't believe how much better her shoes looked!  Recently I used them on her sandals with the same results.  I also was given a pair of hand-me-down white Keds for Ellington.  I was excited when my friend told me about them because we are about to need a pair in a bigger size, but when I saw them I was really disappointed because they were SOOOO dirty.  I really thought they would have to be thrown away.  Well, I tried out my Magic Eraser and new shoes!  Go right now and buy a Magic Eraser for your kids shoes.  You will want to clean them every day! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Day

We had a great day together as a family celebrating Father's Day.  I was SO EXCITED about Father's Day.  We didn't get Robert anything super special to be so excited about, but I was just thrilled to have a day to celebrate him and ALL he does for us!!!  I was definitely more excited than he was I think. :)  Robert usually works 10-12 hour shifts 6 days a week and then also takes fabulous care of Ellington and me.  If I worked that much I am pretty sure I would be good for nothing when I got home.  What a great man he is. 

Robert slept in a little on Sunday morning.  Our church has moved to one service (at 10:30) during the summer, so we go an hour later than usual.  Since Robert goes in to work Sunday night and works all night, we try to be extra quiet and let him get extra rest!  While he was sleeping I taught Ellington to say "Happy Father's Day".  When it was time to wake him up I told her to go in and tell him.  She did not disappoint!!!  She crawled over to him on the bed and enthusiastically said, "Hap Ather's day!" and gave him a big hug and a kiss!  It was the most precious thing I have ever seen.   I am pretty sure if that's the only good moment Robert had on Father's Day, it would have been MORE than enough.  Funny enough, Ellington actually said "Da Da" for the first time last year on Father's Day!

We presented Robert with his presents before church!

This picture is so funny to me.  Ellington was trying so hard to be patient while Robert read his card, but she was staring down the presents on the coffee table.  She was ready to move on!

Daddy got a new flag for the front of our house.  Our current flag has seen better days!

He also got a BBQ/grilling cookbook.  This book is AMAZING!  If you know anyone who likes this type of thing I strongly recommend it.  It's from Southern Living.  I wanted to take a picture of Robert & E with the cookbook and she grabbed the flag to pose with!  Ha!  She looks like she's being tortured though!

A Father's Day kiss!
(Ellington is OBSESSED with all things MSU.  She carries this flag around like it's the best prize in the whole wide world!)

We enjoyed a delicious lunch after church and Robert and Ellington had long naps.  In fact Ellington slept until 3:45 and only got up then because I woke her up.  We are usually lucky if she sleeps until 2:30!  We then enjoyed supper with our small group from church.  It was such a relaxing, non stressful day.  I think that's a perfect day in any parent's book! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Ellington and I would like to say "Happy FATHER'S Day" to some very special men in our life!

Ellington's FATHER

Robert's FATHER, Ellington's GrandFATHER, and my FATHER-in-law

My FATHER, Ellington's GrandFATHER, and Robert's FATHER-in-law

And last but not least, my GrandFATHER and Ellington's Great GrandFATHER!

Happy Father's Day to all four of you!  We love each of you and are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Favorites {Mama's Treat}

My current favorite treat in the whole wide world is this:

I am obsessed right now with Coke from Sonic.  I've always liked it, but's a whole new level right now! :)  I go about once a week (sometimes twice!) for a little treat for myself.  We don't keep soft drinks at our house so I guess that makes it extra special!  If I only got Sonic gift cards for Christmas, I think I would be ok with that!  When we pull into Sonic Ellington says, "Coke".  Ha!  I guess she hears me order it every time!  I don't use the word "coke" around her otherwise.  Because she only drinks water she calls everyone else's drinks "water" too.

Thankfully when I do treat myself, my sweet girl is usually content in the backseat sipping her water.
Everyone should have some kind of treat that they enjoy.  What's yours?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peanut Butter and Pigtails

Ellington recently ate her first pb&j sandwich!  She loved it! 

On Saturday we did pigtails for the first time.  Ellington was super adorable, but they made her look so much older! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

20 Months

Ellington, you turned 20 months old about a week and a half ago. When June 2nd rolled around and I realized you were 20 months old and that meant there are only FOUR MORE MONTHS until you turn TWO I just couldn't believe it!!! My baby is growing so quickly! So, what are you up to at 20 months old?
  • You wear size 24 months or 2T and a size 4 diaper
  • You LOVE fruit right now.  You recently started eating (and DEVOURING!) strawberries and watermelon.  You also love bananas, apples, mandarin oranges, and pineapple.  We give you lots of fruit during the day since you refuse most vegetables.
  • You ask to watch "Mick Mouse" (Mickey Mouse), but stop watching after about two minutes
  • You repeat EVERYTHING we say
  • You have started making a new scrunched up face that is precious
  • You are loving getting in your little swimming pool and you say "swim diaper" because you want to put one on to go swimming. :)
  • You know where we are going based on the route we are driving.  It's CRAZY.  You also know exactly where we are if we pull into a parking lot you've been to before.  
  • You say "bounce balls" when we tell you we are going to church and say "bounce balls" when we pick you up and asked you what you did at church.  I guess they have fun balls to play with!
  • You say the names of your little friends
  • You love lining up your toys in rows
  • You are obsessed with purses right now.  You love carrying them around the house and you comment on other lady's purses when we are out in public.
  • You get upset if there is a speck of anything on the floor, counters, table, highchair, etc.  You are definitely a neat freak! :)
  • You are SO interested in the alphabet right now.  You have recently correctly identified: A, O, Z, and L

Your Daddy and I cannot believe how fast our baby is growing up!  You definitely are a little girl now and not our tiny baby.  We love you to pieces and really cherish every moment and new thing you do.  You continue to AMAZE us every single day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ellington's Castle

A couple of weeks ago we bought Ellington a little slide.  I had my eye out for a used one, but I wasn't ever able to find one.  Since we had enough money saved up, we went ahead and just bought a new one!  She absolutely LOVES it!  She also really enjoyed helping her Daddy put it together.

The slide is inside right now.  I really wish we had room to leave it inside, but our house doesn't have an open floor plan, so pretty much all available space is an important pathway to something else.  It will have to make it's debut outside soon!