Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I don't have any pictures of the beginning of our Memorial Day Weekend because I forgot my camera, but Ellington and I kicked off the weekend by spending Friday night at the fair cabin with my parents.  Reagan, Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson came on Saturday.  We had lunch with them and then headed back to Starkville because we had company coming!  Robert didn't get to come because he had to work Friday night (I don't know why we are still surprised when that happens!) but we were glad to find out that he had the rest of the weekend off!  Big Bob and MiMi got to our house on Saturday night and stayed with us until Monday.

Ellington Sunday morning before church!  

We had a wonderful service at church and then enjoyed lunch at The Veranda.  After church we came back to the house for picture taking, book reading, and a nap for Ellington!

Sunday evening Robert grilled chicken, shrimp, and veggies...it was all delicious!

After supper, we took Big Bob & MiMi to watch Ellington play in the water.  

On Monday morning we just hung around the house and played with Ellington.  Big Bob & MiMi left after lunch.  We were so glad they were able to come and stay with us!  Ellington had the best time having them here!

On Monday afternoon we bought Ellington a new pool.  After supper she got to go on her first little swim.  She wouldn't sit all the way down in it though!  She pretty much stood the whole time and would swat down every now and then!  I don't know what that was about.  Maybe she thought the water was too cold?  In any case, she still had fun!

Mommy and Daddy's self portrait :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New {But Now Old} Night-Night Routine

I have been meaning to post about this forever, but I just never got around to it!  As of mid-March we have no more of these in our cabinets:

I kept giving Ellington a bottle about 5 months after the one year mark that most people go by.  The reasons are numerous, but it really came down to it being right for Ellington.  She only had a bottle before nap and bed, but it was my goal to get rid of it by 18 months.  I just picked a day and stopped giving it to her before she went to sleep.  She never asked for it or cried for it.  I am glad I kept doing it a little longer than most people though because she won't drink milk AT ALL from a sippy cup and getting all the milk in her that I could really mattered to me!  (On a side note her doctor says as long as she's eating a balanced diet I shouldn't worry about her not drinking milk.)  I had a harder time with this transition than Ellington did!  I decided to replace our bath/jammie/bottle/rock/bed routine.  So now we have a bath/jammie/book/rock/bed routine.  We read this jewel of a book every night before bed:

Ellington LOVES it and I love reading it to her!  After we're done reading we pray (if Robert is home he prays) and then get some good rocking in.  It's such a sweet & special time of the day.

In the mornings lately, Ellington wants to put her lion, lambie, and baby night night.  So we line them up and cover them with her blankets.  She pats them, kisses them, and tells them "night night".  It is super precious!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Fun

This afternoon after supper we went to campus so that Ellington could play in the little fountains.  I had actually forgotten that these were here (they have been added since I was in school).  I was so glad that I remembered and even more excited to have something free & fun to do!  When you live in a small town it can sometimes be difficult trying to find entertainment, but we definitely have an addition to our list during the warm months!  Ellington has never played in anything quite like this so I knew she would love it or hate it.  Thankfully she LOVED it!  We had a great evening together!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slow Days

We've been having some slow days around here.  Not the bad kind of slow days.  We've had the good kind of slow days that are good for the soul.  The kind that leave you feeling refreshed and CAUGHT UP for once in a blue moon. (By the way, what in the world does the phrase "Once in a blue moon" really mean??)  Ellington and I have been thoroughly enjoying our little break from school.  I long for being back home full time, but that's just not in the cards right now.  Working part-time is our short term plan to make staying home possible for the long term.  So, I take this precious time with at home with Ellington and treasure it. 

Let's see...what have we been up to?  Grocery shopping.  Playing at the park.  Playing at home.  Cooking.  Cleaning.  Working on letters with our new flash cards (I get how insane that sounds because E is only 19 months but she is ALL about letters right now...so I'm going with it!).  Strolling.  Exploring.  Exercising (I walk 2-3 miles before E wakes up and do The Shred dvd after she goes to bed).  Missing Daddy (he's been working a lot this week). 

I have actually cooked all three meals for all three days this week.  I realize that probably isn't a big deal to most people, but unfortunately we are REALLY REALLY bad about going out to eat.  I have made cooking a priority this week...and not just any cooking, but really healthy meals.  I am proud and I AM going to keep it up! 

Today was our slowest of slow days.  We didn't leave the house at all.  In fact, Ellington never even got out of her pjs.

She did, however, need a tutu and jewelry for part of the day.  She just doesn't feel herself if she isn't all glitzed up!

So, that's been our week!  If you are reading this leave me a comment and tell me 3 things you've done this week!  (This is a challenge to see who's out there...I haven't heard from most of you in awhile!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

18 and 19 {Almost 20} Months

I haven't done the best job with keeping up with Ellington's monthly updates, but I at least remembered to take pictures!  Ellington, you have changed SO MUCH recently.  Your Daddy and I talk constantly now about how much you are changing....and becoming a little girl instead of a baby!  We definitely want you to grow up, but we are a little sad too!  We love you so much and it is a joy to watch you discover the world around you!

We had to cut the photo session short.  It appears someone had an important call:

Ellington, what are you up to at 19 months?
  • You are wearing mostly 24 month clothes and some 2T because that's the size I bought so that you could wear them allllll summer (and in Mississippi summer lasts through September!).  Some of the outfits are way too big on you though.
  • You weigh about 25 pounds
  • You sleep about 12 hours a night and take one afternoon nap.
  • You can say ANY word you want and you repeat most of what we say.
  • You are speaking in a lot of two word phrases.  Ex: Daddy's shoes  
  • In the last week you have started using a sentence every now and then.  Your first sentence was, "I want to see Pop". 
  • You don't want even the smallest speck of food (or anything really) on your hands.  You pretty much freak out until your hands are clean.
  • You are distinguishing noise (Ex: hair dryer, airplane, lawn mower, etc.)
  • You have recently had your first non-family member babysitter while you were awake. You survived...and so did your Daddy and I!
  • You think we are going somewhere the second we put on your shoes and you run to the door.
  • You still love to read and are finally sitting through a whole (short) story.
  • You LOVE going to the park.  The whole way there you say, "slide, swing" over and over
  • You can climb on and off the chair in your room now (the one we take monthly pictures in)
  • You do a fantastic job using a spoon
  • You love naming all of the people in our family
  • You love to give Mommy and Daddy kisses (We love it too!)
  • You LOVE LOVE LOVE animals
  • You have a new obsession with motorcycles.  You call them "bikes" and squeal with delight when you see one.
  • You are not a big fan of riding in your car seat right now.  Going anywhere (even just to the store) can be quite taxing on Mama's nerves!
Ellington, you really are just as sweet as pie.  We couldn't imagine a better little girl in the whole wide world. :)  We love you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend we were able to visit Big Bob & MiMi in Brownsville.  Robert had to work Friday night so we weren't able to go until Saturday, but we were glad to be able to be there for as long as we could!  Saturday was the Kentucky Derby.  I told Ellington to look at the horses on tv and then she wanted to pull out Big Bob and Mimi's rocking horse to ride!  Daniel and Jake were there, but we didn't see them on tv. :)

Ellington LOVED exploring the yard.  She loves just walking around and checking things out.  Big Bob took her on a little tour and showed her all of the beautiful flowers.

Sunday was Mother's Day and in true motherhood fashion, Ellington decided to wake me up at 5:30 am.  Nice.  :)  The picture below is the face we usually get now when we try to take Ellington's picture.  Getting a smile almost never happens!

We were so happy to be able to spend time with Big Bob and MiMi! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Easter We Didn't Go to Church

About 11 pm on the Saturday before Easter Ellington woke up crying frantically.  I had been asleep less than an hour and got up to rock her.  Normally if this were to happen she would fall back asleep quickly.  After rocking for quite awhile she didn't fall back asleep, but I went ahead and laid her back down.  She stayed awake until 1 am (as did I), but didn't cry.  She then started asking for water, which she hasn't ever done in the night before.  I got her some water and realized she was REALLY hot.  I don't remember what her initial temperature was, but after tylenol and then waiting an hour it got up to 103.7.  That was her temp under the arm....and for some reason you are suppose to add a degree when you take it under the arm, so I guess technically it was 104.7.  After waiting to see if we could get it down (which we couldn't) we decided to go to the emergency room.  Ellington was just totally limp at this point.  It was so sad...and scary!!!  Robert, Mom, and I took her to the hospital in Philadelphia where we were the only patients!  They took care of us so quickly!  What a relief.  Ellington ended up being diagnosed with strep throat.  She got a prescription for an antibiotic and a shot of penicillin.  I finally crawled into bed about 5:30 am, only having slept about 30-45 minutes in the night.  We decided it would be best for Robert just to go directly back to Starkville so that he could sleep.  He didn't sleep at all Friday night (because he had been working) and he got very little sleep Saturday night.  He then was suppose to be at work Sunday night.  Obviously he had to get some sleep!!  So, he had to head back and our Easter was pretty much a wash. 

That morning (Easter morning) Ellington slept until 11:30 and woke up feeling pretty good!  (I think the shot helped a TON).  The Easter Bunny had stopped by and left Ellington some goodies!

Poor girl.  You can tell that she was sick!

I debated about whether or not to still have an Easter egg hunt, but at this point Ellington was still feeling pretty well so we decided to go ahead and do it!  It was a little disappointing that Robert had to miss seeing her hunt Easter eggs for the first time.

This was definitely not the Easter we planned or expected, but we tried to make the best of it!  Ellington ended up getting a little worse (I think that shot wore off!) and we ended up back at the doctor's office on Tuesday.  Another shot had her back up and running again.  It is sometimes hard to keep Ellington well!