Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Morning Before School

I tried to get a cute picture of Ellington this morning before school, but it didn't really work out like I had in mind. :) That happens sometimes! Ellington is LOVING pumpkins. In fact, I would say she is obsessed with them! She can spot them from a mile away and she says, "pum pum" which of course means "pumpkin". It's so precious when she says it! We've got some fun things planned for the weekend and are looking forward to making more memories together!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

One Sunday evening about a week and a half ago we headed to Country Pumpkins in Caledonia. We weren't really sure what to expect because we hadn't ever been before. In fact, neither Robert or I remember ever having gone to a pumpkin patch before. We were really excited about going though! Last October was HARD. The whole month I thought about this October when we could take our big girl to the pumpkin patch in a pumpkin dress. :) We had more fun than we could have imagined! Robert and I LOVE making such sweet family memories together with Ellington.

The honor system was used for purchasing pumpkins. Pretty neat! it was less of a pumpkin patch and more of a "pumpkins are sitting in the grass". :) It was all ok though because we were on a farm and there were so many fun activities! But I must admit I was picturing going out into a field and actually picking one!

They had wagons that we could use. So convenient for the pumpkins...and Ellington!

We also went on a hayride! We made it just in time for the last ride of the day! (Whew!) I wish I was a great writer because I would explain in great detail how perfect the hayride was, but I'm not so I don't really feel like I could do it justice. The weather was perfect, the sunset was perfect, and being with my family was perfect. That's all I can really say about it!

Playing in the corn...

...and playing in the cotton!

We already can't wait to go back next year! :)

Check It Out....

So, the babe has been sick this week. :( Poor thing. More on that later.

This morning I got a little surprise when I went to look at one of my favorite blogs, The Busy Budgeting Mama.

Natalie, the Busy Budgeting Mama herself, has an etsy shop that I ordered Ellington's cupcake toppers from. She featured a couple of pictures from Ellington's birthday party on her blog today. Natalie is fantastic to work with and believe it or not she completed my order while she was in the LABOR!!! So, if you need cute party printables visit Natalie's etsy shop!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ellington's 1st Birthday Party

It's taken me forever to do this post because I knew it would be very time consuming, but I've finally done it! We had a great day celebrating our sweet girl's birthday! (These are my Mom's pictures...thanks Mom!)

Ellington's monthly pictures.

See the beautiful flowers on the table? My sweet husband sent them to me for Ellington's birthday. :)

Our sweet birthday girl liked enjoying all of the attention from a distance!

I made a little quiz about Ellington that everyone had to take. :)

Present time! Ellington is a lucky girl. Her family gave her lots of wonderful gifts!

Time for cake!

Ellington was such a mess that I decided to just put her in the sink to clean her up! :)

We had a FANTASTIC day are we are so thankful for our family that came to help celebrate!