Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gingerbread Night!

We had a super fun gingerbread night recently! We made gingerbread cookies, made a gingerbread house, and wore gingerbread pajamas!

Well....we didn't exactly "make" gingerbread cookies.  Ha!  I bought the pre-made sheets.  That is way more my style. :)  E loved cutting out the gingerbread boys and girls!!!

We had SO MUCH FUN making the gingerbread house together!  I think I will treasure that memory forever!

Sweet girls in sweet jammies!

Occasionally I look at E and think "Wow...she's really growing up!"  This was one of those moments.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Ellington's School Christmas Program

We recently had our Christmas program at Mother's Day Out. Ellington of course was super excited about it! She loved having Daddy, Aunt Julie, Connor, and Brody there to watch!

Ellington is on the right hand side on the back row.  And you can see me getting my class on stage as well. :)  

Robert said she did great and sang all of the songs!  The one down side to working at the same school is that I don't get to enjoy most parent things but there are so many benefits that outweigh that!  I can't believe it's her last preschool Christmas program!  Next year she will be in Kindergarten.  Crazy!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Tree Gazing

By far my FAVORITE part of Christmas is spending it with my little family and seeing it all through Ellington and Finley's eyes!  Precious memories!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Emerson is 4!

Emerson and I both have birthdays on December 6th! His party was on Sunday December 7th at the Children's Museum! We were super excited about the location because we hadn't been since Ellington was almost 2.  We got there pretty early to spend lots of time playing.  It was soooo much fun and we loved celebrating Emerson!

We were there for just a few minutes before Emerson got there and once he got there we basically never saw Ellington again! :)  They had the BEST time playing together!!!

Finley loooooved being able to walk everywhere and just play, play, play!

Pop, Pappaw, and Reagan came a little closer to party time.  We had already been playing for quite awhile and were worn out and needing a snack. :)

Finley and Pop are big buddies! :)

Time to PARTY!

We had so much fun at Emerson's party and love watching him grow up!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Big 3-0

I turned 30 on Dec 6!  I wasn't dreading it at all.  I got married at 23 and had Ellington at 24.  I think I have been feeling old for awhile. :)  And honestly, with getting married and becoming a Mama so young....I am looking forward to "finding myself" a little more in my 30s.  I didn't have much time for "me" in my 20s.  I am actually looking forward to my 30s!

To be completely honest, the day of my birthday was one of the worst days of my life.  Lovely, right?  We have had MAJOR vehicle problems lately as well as other things and two big problems came to a head on my birthday.  Or I guess I should say, reality slapped us in the face and it wasn't pretty.  At all.  I cried a lot.  The day was bad.  We tried our best to still make it fun (especially for Ellington...she loooooves a birthday!)  

Robert got me a double doozie birthday cake!  Yum-o!  It looks like it's for "Lance" but whatever!!!  It was DELICIOUS! 

Eek!  No make up.  Oops.  See?  I don't think I even look 30! Haha :)

We decorated our little artificial tree.  Ellington actually did most of it!  And I didn't even move her ornaments around.  She clumped a lot together and didn't do it like I would, but honestly....who cares??!!  I just let her take over and she loved it!  

We had recorded the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Plaza and watched it while we decorated. 

The day was stinky.  It was super bad and I felt awful.  I was exhausted from the emotion of the day.  But ya'll?  These two???? So precious and I will go through as many hard days as I need to to make things great for them!  

We ended the night by driving through a big Christmas light display at a nearby park.  It was a GREAT way to end the day and we all loooooved it!

Even though it was a HARD day I still was able to enjoy some sweet time with my family.  I am looking forward to this new decade! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas time is our favorite!  We just love it!  I guess most people do, huh?!  We actually decorated (everything but our tree) before Thanksgiving because we are THOSE people.  Haha.  As long as I am not hosting Thanksgiving....I am all about decorating early!  I do however, wait until after Thanksgiving to dress the girls in their Christmas clothes.  So, the Sunday after Thanksgiving...we were READY! :)

The sweetest sisters!

Sunday evening we went to get our Christmas tree.  We actually don't have the tree anymore.  Ha!!!  I thought I would post pictures anyway. :)

The "winning" tree

So, what happened to our tree?  Well....Ellington's allergic.  Every.single.year Ellington gets sick in December.  We've always wondered if it was the tree but we couldn't ever specifically pinpoint it.  Plus, by the time we've bought and decorated a tree....we just carry on. Ha.  Poor thing.  This year it was OBVIOUS that it was the tree.  The morning after we brought the tree home she woke up with blood shot eyes and was suuuuuper sick and snotty.  Robert and I decided the tree had to go.  It was a hard decision because we had just scrapped enough money together to buy the tree.  We really couldn't afford to just get rid of it AND buy an artificial tree.  The Lord worked it out for us though!  Robert's sister's family got our real tree and we were able to borrow an artificial tree from someone else.  Are we sad we can't have a real tree? Yes.  But, as soon as it was gone Ellington was completely better so obviously it was worth it! 

The night that we got our tree the girls got a few surprises!  They each got a new Christmas book and Christmas pajamas!

A couple of days later Ellington decorated the little tree in her room.