Monday, October 29, 2012

Painting Pumpkins and Football Practice

One beautiful afternoon last week we headed outside to paint pumpkins.  Ellington was soooo excited!  She loves anything artsy!  

I got in on the painting action too.  Before I started I said, "Ugh.  I have no idea what to do.  I am not creative".  To which Robert replied, "You teach preschool.  I thought all preschool teachers were creative".  No sir, all preschool teachers are definitely not necessarily creative.  I can just fake it really well. :)

Ellington was SO proud of her pumpkin!  

Our finished products

After we were done with the pumpkins Robert and I wanted to stay outside because the weather was absolutely beautiful, but Ellington wanted to go back in.  She doesn't really like playing outside.  I think she gets bored or something.  I don't know...but I wish we could work on that a little bit!  Anyway, Robert decided to go get his footballs.  They had the BEST time throwing, running, kicking, etc.  Ellington absolutely adores every second she has with her Daddy.  I love watching them together!

We are LOVING fall!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blogging About Blogging

As ya'll know over the summer our computer died, then we moved and well, I got really behind on blogging which lead me to blogging about the "big" things so that I could get caught up as quickly as possible.  This has kind of turned into me blogging only about the big things.  I have been missing blogging about all sort of different things - the small things, opinions, stuff we like, etc.  I am majorly out of a blogging routine but I am going to attempt to get back into it.  It's something that I enjoy but like many things, once you stop it is hard to start doing again.  I LOVE recording all sorts of things about our lives.  I think it will be soooo special to always have so many memories recorded.  

I need ya'lls help, ok?  I definitely do not blog for comments.  If that were the case I would have quit about three years ago. :)  But if you are reading this please comment and tell me that you are!  It's fun to know that there is actually SOMEONE out there!!  Also, if there is anything you want me to write about leave that in the comments as well.  Here's to more blogging!!!

{Ellington and I were enjoying a moment together by the open window.  
I love sweet moments with my girl.}

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Homecoming Parade

Friday afternoon we went to campus for the Homecoming parade!  Ellington was soooo excited!  The weather was perfect.  We were all happy to have a fun afternoon activity!

Sweet sweet Bulldog girl :)

After seeing us taking pictures of each other with Ellington, a sweet girl a little ways down asked if we wanted her to take our picture all together.  I love it when that happens. :)

Here comes the parade!

Bully was pointing at Ellington in the picture below.  She was slightly star struck!

And the cheerleaders!  Ellington loves her some cheerleaders. :)  Because there were soooo few people at the parade, most of the girls looked right at Ellington and waved and smiled at her.  She was equal parts SO excited and overwhelmed/embarrassed.  

After the parade we went to the pep rally in the Junction.  Then we enjoyed supper out together.  What a fun evening!!!

We laid pretty low for the rest of Homecoming weekend.  We had some sweet friends come "watch" the game with us but I was having so much fun that I forgot to take a single picture!!  And I say "watch" because with a 1 year old and a 3 year old we mostly talked, played, and laughed.  Thankfully it was an easy win so it didn't require a lot of concentration. :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Monday after nap Robert took down Ellington's crib and set up her big girl bed.  Because Ellington slept great in her crib and never climbed out I decided to wait until she turned 3 to make the transition.  We have some more things that we need to do to the room (like hang the curtain...please ignore the trash bags!!!) and take the polka dot stickers off the wall (left from previous owners), but we are making progress on her room!  

We had to set her bed up against the wall the first night.  I bought double bed rails from someone but they didn't work out at all.  We went to Wal-Mart to buy some more, but they only had one.  So we got it and pushed the bed against the wall rather than put it in the middle of the room like I had planned.

Climbing up for the first time! :)

If you can't tell, she was a little tiny bit excited! :)

My "baby" is growing up soooooo fast.

I took this picture right before I left her room for the night.  She was really excited until she realized I was really going to leave her in there.  She said, "But Mama, it's too big".  

Ellington did great the first night in her bed!  She didn't fall asleep that afternoon at nap so she was super exhausted.  I think that worked in our favor! We have had a slightly major problem with the big girl bed.  She didn't nap at all this week.  :(  Boo.  She would just play and play and play in her bed.  Today she finally went to sleep at  nap for the first time all week so I am keeping hope that naps aren't totally over for her!  Not only do I need the break, but she needs the rest!  She has been sooooooo exhausted at bed time this week.  It's also kind of messed up her overall rhythm because she has been waking up super early too.  When my alarm went off at 6:00 Wednesday morning she was already awake...and I have no idea for how long!  Hopefully as she gets more use to it, she will start napping again.

We were able to get another rail and moved her bed to the middle of the room.  This is a picture with the rails folded down.  

I can't believe that we don't have a crib in the house anymore! (sniff sniff)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Last night was Pumpkinpalooza in downtown Starkville.  It's definitely one of our favorite traditions!  Ellington decided that she wanted to dress up like a giraffe this year.  She has been telling me for months that that's what she wanted to be.  I think she's the CUTEST giraffe that I've ever seen!!!

Ellington was SO excited!  I don't think she had any clue what we were doing, but she was excited nonetheless! 

We started off the night with supper at Old Venice with our friends Todd, Stacie, and "baby" Wade (we all still call him that even though he isn't a baby anymore!).  It was extra fun because we ate there last year with them before Pumpkinpalooza!  I am corny and like doing traditions like that. :)

After supper we hurried outside and took some pictures before it got crazy crowded!


This was the best we could do with E and Wade. :)  In the picture I took of them last year he was just a tiny baby!

Next we met up with the Ketchums at the pep rally!

Little friends :)

After the pep rally they had a basketball demo (I have no idea what they actually called it.  They had a half court set up in the middle of the street and did basketball stuff.  Ha).  Anyway, the kids were kind of done just sitting there so we went and trick-or-treated at the downtown stores.  This was the first time Ellington had ever trick-or-treated.  So had no clue what was going on at first but once she figured out the gig she thought it was the best thing ever! :)

We had a great time but didn't stay just a really long time.  It started getting really crowded and ya'll....there aren't many things that frustrate me more than wild greedy children.  There were so many kids (who were too old to be trick-or-treating anyway) pushing, shoving, and being rude just to get candy.  Not fun.  So we had our fun early on and then went to Bops for icecream!  :)

When we got home Ellington went through her candy. :)  She didn't have much because we didn't stop at many place but she thought it was sooooo wonderful!

What a fun night!

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch 2012

This week we went to the pumpkin patch late one afternoon.  This is our third year to go to Country Pumpkins in Caledonia.  We LOVE going and it seems like it gets better every year!  

Ellington was ready to head out to find a pumpkin!  She said that she needed a small one, Mama needed a short one, and Daddy needed a big one.  Ha!  She loved picking hers out and helping us find ours too!

LOVE these two!!!

Ellington found hers!

She helped us find the perfect ones.

She was the happiest in the corn box!  I wish we had one of these at our house. :)

She also loved playing in the cotton.  There weren't any other kids in it so Robert and I got in as well. :)

One of the things they added this year was the barrel train ride.  I had planned on E riding alone, but the lady driving said they would go behind the corn field for part of it.  I wasn't sure how she would do if she couldn't see us and was unsure of where she was going, so I decided to ride.  Um, can you say "uncomfortable"?! :)  We were squished in there, the seat was a piece of wood, and it was very very very bumpy!  I was so glad when the ride was over. Ha!  

We had a WONDERFUL time!!!  The only bummer was that we didn't get to do the hayride. :(  They said that they were having a really slow afternoon so the person doing the hayride decided to go work in the fields for a little while.  Oh well!  Maybe next time!