Monday, June 11, 2012

7 Things About Me

Our computer is still being repaired, so while I am photoless I thought I would do a post about me.  Ha.  Exciting I know.  I know the real reason you come here is to see pictures of Ellington.  Just bear with me until we get our computer back! :)

1.  I get really really really car sick/motion sick.  
When I was younger it only happened if we were on really curvy roads.  As I got older it only happened when I wasn't in the front seat or couldn't see the road.  Now it happens all of the stinkin' time.  Like...all.of.the.time.  Ugh.  If you put me in the back of a car on a curvy road I would probably DIE.  For real.  

2.  I hate talking on the phone.  
I guess I don't mind it for sharing important/timely information but I never just want to chat it up on the phone for long periods of time.  Maybe it stems from Robert and I living in different states for almost two years, but I really don't like to do it.  

3.  I have always had a list of baby names.  
I LOVE baby names and have had an ongoing list since I was about eight years old.  It's a hobby of mine. :)  I currently have six girl names and two boy names on my list.  Clearly, I must like girl names better.

4.  I eat bacon every morning.  
Weird, right?  I started doing the Atkins diet about a year ago and bacon was the breakfast I started eating.  And ya'll, I haven't stopped.  It's the reason I get out of bed some mornings.  For real.

6.  I secretly wish I was Amish.  
Maybe that statement is a little too bold because I don't know exactly what all they believe.  But I do wish for a more simple life.  I think it's awesome they live the way they do.  I wish I could give up tv, internet, etc. and cook some bread from scratch.  Their kids run around and play all day.  It's just so simple.  NOT easy, but simple.  I also long for the sense of community that the families share together.  I think it's awesome.  Although i would have to get rid of my skinny jeans. :)

7.  I can eat the same thing for days and days.  
And days and days and days.  I get on food kicks and then can't stop.  Some of my more recent food kicks:  apples and peanut butter, cheese and wheat thins, chips and guacamole.  And I eat all of these as meals.  Yum.  When Robert recently made pulled pork bbq I ate it for about nine meals in a row.  (Not including breakfast of course...I was eating bacon!)

Hopefully we will get our computer back soon and I can start blogging our pictures again!


  1. I don't like to talk on the phone either.
    I eat toast and peanut butter every morning.
    The Amish may live a simpler life, but I can't do without air conditioning. And I really don't think I would go for the horse and buggy thing.
    I keep bonine with me all to time for motion sickness. I always had a list of baby names, too. I still know some of them. I guess as they say, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

  2. I found that very interesting actually :)

  3. You skipped number five. ~grin~ I'm weird and notice little things like that. I also get carsick....gets worse with age i think!

  4. i am so intrigued by your daily ritual of bacon eating. sounds like a fabulous way to start the morning!

    and what you said about the amish. i agree! simple. not easy. but simple.

  5. I love this. I giggled to myself as I read.

    I love to collect baby names too. However, I found it incredibly difficult to name a child once I had one. y'all better get busy, that's a total of 8 additional kids. Whew.

    I'm secretly intrigued by the Amish too!!! Maybe we should go spend a week with them sometime! LOL.

    Mary Beth