Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Sunday

Robert had to work all day on Saturday so our Easter plans were pretty limited.  It was a bummer that we couldn't have a full Easter weekend together, but we are trying to adjust to this new normal. :)  We were able to spend most of Easter Sunday in Philadelphia.  Ellington kept calling it an "Easter party!!!".  She loves holidays and loves I guess she just put them together!  

Ellington found some fun surprises in her Easter basket!  

She saw the dress and said, "Oh!!!  A BEAUTIFUL summer dress!"  Haha.  She loves dresses!
(And for any girl Mamas out there...I found this for $5 at WalMart!)

Our Easter 2013 picture had to be taken inside since it was pretty much POURING rain all weekend!

Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson brought E a little basket of goodies and she is obsessed with her bunny ears!

Ellington invited Pappaw to sit by her so Ellington, Pappaw, and Emerson sat at the extra table together. :)  I think they made it pretty well!

There was a break in the rain so we got to have an outdoor egg hunt after all.  Everything was really wet, but the kids didn't mind!

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  1. Looks like y'all had fun! Missed you guys!