Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Welcoming Warm Weather!

Warm temperatures were much welcomed here after a long winter!  The girls love being outside.  I wish we had a swing set to make it a little more fun, but they find ways to keep themselves entertained.

Ellington loooooves pulling weeds.  Luckily for her, we usually have plenty. :)

Finley is especially loving being outside!  She started walking about the time it started getting cold so it's really the first time that she's been able to be out and about.  She LOVES it and cries when we have to come inside!

One Friday evening Big Bob and MiMi were in the area so we went to supper together and then they came back to the house for a bit.  The girls loved having them read to them!

I can't really remember why I took these but here they are!  Ha!

Next up....Easter!

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