Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Sundays

Ellington Elise February 2013
How big is she?!

Sweetness. I love these two more than I could ever explain!

Our Sundays are a little odd schedule wise.  In the past we would go to church on Sunday mornings and our small group would meet on Sunday nights.  Last fall our church added a 3rd service at 5:00 which is exactly the same as the morning services.  They asked certain small groups to commit to going to the 5 o'clock service which not only would free up seats in the mornings service but also would provide a good balance on Sunday nights.  In other words, the Sunday night service wouldn't end up being only college students.  So, our group committed to doing that in the fall.  We switched our small group meeting time to Sunday morning and started going to the worship service in the evenings.  It worked out so well that we are still doing it this semester too!  Our group meets at 10:30 which gives us time together as a family in the mornings and no stressful getting ready for church chaos.  The schedule has worked really well for us!  It's a bit unusual I suppose but we think it's great!  We usually host small group at our house and the kids stay at a nearby house with a babysitter.  It's nice because it starts our week off with a clean house because we like to have it clean for small group. :)


  1. I'm doing ome blog catching up tonight! I have gotten waaaaay behing on keep up with blog friends! Congratulations on having another little girl! We're quite partial to little girls around our house *Ü* So happy for ya'll! What a fun way to celebrate the did a great job on the party!!

    I think it is neat how ya'll do your Sundays. We have actually started going to our early service a lot more, because the 2nd service gets soooooo crowded. We sort of get the best of both worlds, though, because I sing in the we attend first service, go to Sunday School, I sing in the choir, and then we slip out.

    Hope you are feeling good!!

  2. I love her dress! I think that is great to not be rushed on Sunday.