Friday, March 29, 2013

Pancake Breakfast and Egg Hunt

Saturday morning our school hosted a pancake breakfast and egg hunt fundraiser.  It was so much fun!  Ellington was LOVING every second of it!  Thankfully Robert was off Saturday (hooray!!!).  It was really nice because not only could he come too but I was able to go early (because I was required to volunteer and hour) and rather than have to volunteer during the event I was able to help get ready and enjoy the whole thing with Ellington.

Ellington has come a LONG way.  She wasn't scared of the Easter Rabbits at all!  I couldn't believe it!  I didn't really think she would cry or throw a fit but she wasn't anxious or hesitant at all!

Of course she loved the bouncy house!

Pancakes for breakfast

YAY for having Daddy there!!!  :)  

She was PUMPED about finding Easter eggs.  Unfortunately it was cold and rainy on Saturday morning so we had to hunt them in the church Sunday school rooms.  It didn't dampen Ellington's spirits though. :)

There were several rooms that had eggs EVERYWHERE.  Ellington got quite a few but let me add something to my list of things that kids do that annoy me....big kids who run around like crazy and get massive amounts of eggs while they push little kids out of the way.  Yeah that.  I hate it.  Grrr.  And the big kids parents?  Nowhere around of course.

Ellington loooves getting her face painted.  She requested an Easter egg. :)

We had such a fun morning!  I LOVE Easter but have been a little bummed out about all of the cold weather we have been having!  I think Easter weekend might end up being cold and wet too. :(  Boo!  Oh well...Ellington has fun no matter what the weather is doing. :)

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