Monday, September 2, 2013

Football is Back!

We loooove football at our house.  Specifically, college football.  Even more specifically, SEC football.  We were super pumped on Thursday for the kick-off to the new season!  I made some sandwiches and dip and we had fun hanging out together and watching football!

Ellington even loves football.  And Tinkerbell. :)

Finley did GREAT!  We all got to eat and watch some football without her screaming the whole time.  It was a nice treat for two weary parents!

Friday was the first "Maroon Friday" of the season and Ellington was THRILLED to be a cheerleader at school.

Robert had to work Saturday, but because of today's Labor Day holiday we get to have THREE days in a row with him!!  That is major! :)  He was off Sunday, today for the holiday, and his normal week day off is Tuesday.  We are loving all being together and hanging out!


  1. Hope all continues to go well. Have fun tomorrow, too.

  2. I'm not as thrilled as you guys about the start of football, but E sure is cute in her cheerleader uniform!