Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Baby Shower and Bulldogs

Last week our small group threw a SURPRISE baby shower for Stacie.  She thought we were just having girls night at our house but oh no...we were ready to party! :)

Todd and Stacie are expecting their second boy, Mason, who will be here in October.  It was such a fun night of celebrating!

I am so disappointed that I only have two pictures!!!  Once we started the shower I guess I was just enjoying myself too much.  I really wanted to get a group shot once Robert came home near the end, but totally forgot.  Boo!

Saturday was MSU's 1st home football game of the season.  We had some of Robert's family over for lunch before the game.  Brad, Connor, Big Bob, MiMi, Daniel, and Laura all came by.  

Ellington was THRILLED to have Connor here!

I am not sure if they were entertaining Finley or if she was entertaining them! :)

Finley met Uncle Daniel for the first time.  She also got to meet Aunt Laura, but we didn't get a picture with her.  Laura had to come a little later because of work and by the time she arrived Finley was having a little meltdown because she was ready for her nap!

On Sunday during small group (which meets at our house), we got Parker and Finley together for their first picture!  They have been around each other a few times before, but we hadn't taken pictures yet.  They were born 6 days apart!

After the baby shower, Robert's family coming on Saturday, and small group on Sunday we hosted three different events within five days!  Whew.  The floor was at least vacuumed often. :)  We enjoyed our action packed week!

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  1. It was a great baby shower :u) And I didn't even think twice about us not getting more pictures! We were talking entirely too much...haha. Thanks yall!