Monday, February 3, 2014

Connor & Brody's Birthday Party

We went to Connor and Brody's birthday party in early January.  Ellington got a special treat - she got to stay with them for a few days prior to the party!  We met Aunt Julie in Tupelo on Wednesday and Ellington stayed until the party on Saturday.  She also got to enjoy their friend birthday party on Friday night which was a swim party!  (Indoor obviously!)  As always, she looooved staying at Uncle Brad and Aunt Julie's house!  

Connor and Brody's birthday party was a pajama party!  It was such a fun theme and super comfy since we were all in our pjs. :)

The party started off with fruit loop necklaces.  Ellington loved this activity!

Donut eating contest!  :)


Finley with Uncle D and Aunt Laura

The kids all got pillow cases that we decorated!

Look how precious the table set up was! 

The cakes were SUPER impressive!!!  Julie made the pancake cake and Brad made the donut cake.  Wow!  I can't even make a "regular" cake! :)

For some reason all of my pictures of the birthday boys turned out like this. :)

We had so much fun celebrating Connor & Brody's birthdays!  I can't believe they are 3 and 7!  They are growing up fast!!!

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