Thursday, September 25, 2014

Finley Turns One

Our sweet Finley turned one on July 2!  She is such a little love and brings us so much joy!

Finley's actual birthday was kind of a bust...and I totally blame myself!  Finley's one year check up was scheduled for the morning of her birthday.  I didn't really care to change it because shots have never bothered either of our girls (meaning, they don't get sick or cranky from them) and she's young enough that for the few seconds that it hurts, she won't be thinking "Why did they do this on my birthday??".  So, I just kept the appointment the same.  Bad idea.  Finley ended up having to get five (!!) shots and get blood drawn.  And for some reason this time they made her super cranky and sick.  Boo.  I felt awful!  We decided to go to a pizza place near our house when Robert got home but the meal was just super stressful.  We probably should have just stayed home and had a do-over the next day!

We came home to have these goodies!

Happy birthday to Finley!

Look at poor Finley's face.  She was miserable. :(

It's safe to say that the big sister enjoyed the celebration! :)

The day didn't go quite as expected, but thankfully this is the birthday she will remember the least! :)  

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