Monday, September 29, 2014

The Fair 2014 {Part 2}

Saturday morning pajama swinging!

Ellington and Emerson played HARD at the fair.  Look how dirty Ellington was one morning...and this picture doesn't even truly do it justice!

Emerson's dirty face :)

Haha!  Finley put this in front of her face to smile for the camera.

Finley loved sitting on the porch and entertaining everyone around her!

All of the rest of the pictures on this post are from Sunday.  We must have had a BIG day because I had tons of pictures from Sunday!

Breakfast time for Finley

Princess Ellington

Finley loves hanging out with Pop!

Only Pop (or Pappaw!) could fall asleep like this!  The fair is tiring. :)

Our 2014 family fair pic :)

Pappaw and his harmonica

We checked out the petting zoo Sunday afternoon.  The kids loved it but it was SUPER crowded!

After the petting zoo we walked through the exhibit hall.

It's crazy that this was Finley's 2nd fair...she was about 3 weeks old last year!  She loved every second this year!

Look at that sweet face!

One of Ellington's favorite things is doing the big slide with Daddy!

So many fun memories!!!

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  1. Congrats on getting a picture of Dad while he's smiling! And a big smile! (now that I think about it I may have taken that photo...congrats to ME!)