Friday, January 2, 2015

The Weekend Before Christmas

We had such a GREAT weekend before Christmas!  It was very low key in that we didn't have any obligations or even many last minute things to do.  We just really enjoyed our time together soaking in the last bit of the season before things got crazy with traveling.

Sweet girls!

Ellington requested a picture by her stocking :)

Finley decided to start dancing!  It was so funny!

Ellington worked on some artwork to give to her grandparents for Christmas.  She loooved doing it!  She is all about a project!

Daddy built a little fort for the girls to play in.

Saturday was also COOKIE DAY!  It's one of Robert and Ellington's very favorite Christmas activities!

Ellington chose her very favorite one to eat first.

I just had to include the next few pictures.  Ellington got so tickled about something and it was just precious!

Ellington picked out one for Finley to try too!

Haha!!!  LOVE this one!

Saturday night we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Robert laid out their school nap mats.  They laid on them like this for approximately 45 seconds. :)

Ellington made a Christmas countdown chain at school and she LOVED taking a link off every night.  It really made Christmas so much more special for her!  It was definitely one of her very favorite parts!

She couldn't believe that there were only FOUR nights left!  When she first brought it home it was sooooo long!  How did it get so short so fast?! :)

Looking so pretty before church!

What a sweet, special weekend!

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