Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas in Brownsville

We started off our Christmas travels at Big Bob and MiMi's in Brownsville.  Of course lots of playtime is always on the agenda!

Finley looooves Bro-Bro!  These two are probably going to get into lots of mischief when Finley gets a little older!

Christmas Eve morning!!!

Christmas cartoons in pjs :)

Christmas Eve breakfast

Robert had to work part of the day on Christmas Eve which was really sad but we were so happy when he was able to come back to us!

We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Eve Candlelight service at Big Bob and MiMi's church.

After the service we went back for a delicious supper and a birthday cake for Jesus.

After supper it was time for gifts!  Ellington was over the moon excited! :)

What a wonderful Christmas in Brownsville!

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