Tuesday, April 21, 2015

An Icy/Snowy Winter

We had such an icy/snowy winter! We had several ice/snow storms come through. The first couple were fun...but after awhile it got old. :) We ended up missing 4 days of school which is a lot considering we only go 2 days a week. Robert was off several days of work over the course of the winter but of course I didn't mind that one bit!  Ellington LOVED the snow!  One day we went to her cousins house to sled and I am pretty sure that was one of the best days of her life!

I realize Finley isn't super bundled...it's because 1) We don't have appropriate winter clothing and 2) She was only out for a few minutes :)  Ellington on the other hand was dressed to PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Mississippi snow man!

One day we brought the snow in and the girls LOVED it!  I think they played in this spot for over an hour..which is kind of major for them!  We just refreshed their snow as it melted.

We had some fun family days together but are very thankful that we don't live where so much ice and snow is the norm!

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