Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Weekend

So, I was going to post about our weekend on Monday, but Monday got crazy.  I was going to post about our weekend on Tuesday, but Tuesday got crazy.  I was going to post about our weekend on Wednesday and well, you get the point.  So here I am...on Thursday morning!  And since the weekend starts again tomorrow, I got here just in time. :)

Have you ever told your two year old that you are going to a parade and that even though it is cold and rainy we'll have so much fun sitting in the back of the explorer?  Have you ever sat in the cold and rainy weather trying to get your 2 year old to contain her excitement for almost an HOUR looking down the road wondering WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE PARADE?  Have you ever had to tell your 2 year old after almost an HOUR "I don't think it's coming sweetie"?  And did you ever find out later in the evening that you were actually an hour early?

Yeah, us either.... :)

Friday afternoon we decided that despite the weather that we would go find a spot to park and watch the little parade of left field lounge vehicles parade to the baseball stadium.  Ellington was SO excited about the parade.  We got a great spot and waited. And waited. And waited.  It was cold.  And rainy.  Eventually we left. :(  I thought it started at 3:30.  As it turns out, 3:30 was the time all the vehicles were gathering and 4:30 was the actual start time.  We didn't figure this out until later in the night.

And that poor 2 year old with no parade?  We took her to Wal-Mart and bought her a toy. :)

On Saturday (again despite the rain) we went to a basketball game.  My parents were already planning on going and some friends offered us some tickets, we decided to go too!  It was a blast and E LOVED cheering with her pompoms! 

Sunday evening our small group had a Super Bowl party.  I meant to take more pictures, but I guess I got distracted with all of the eating. :)

You know we all have kids because at halftime the party started breaking up!  So, that was just a little recap of our weekend.  And we'll start weekending again tomorrow!

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