Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few Thoughts

-So, I recently posted about how I wanted to blog more and hasn't happened. :)  I had good intentions and then I put my camera card into the computer and it wanted to load ALL of the pictures rather than just the new ones and ya'll....I just lost the will to go on. Ha.  Hopefully one day soon I will get over it and deal with the situation, but today is not that day.

-We decorated for Christmas this week.  Yes, we are those people who decorate BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Gasp!  We are one Christmas loving family so the earlier we can decorate, the better. :)  We like enjoying it as long as possible.  And yes, we still love Thanksgiving.  I promise.  We do.  If we hosted Thanksgiving I wouldn't have things already decorated, but since we don't and will be out of town we just go ahead and get our "merry" on. :)

-I promised myself that I would do all of my Christmas shopping in November so I could relax and enjoy December more.  While I have bought some things (probably more than in the past), I am nowhere close to being done.  Buuut, since Thanksgiving is a little early I still have a whole week of November after Thanksgiving so maybe I can get some more done before December!

-I want to publicly say that I have the best.husband.ever.  He has done so much for me/us lately.  I have NO idea what I would do without him!!!

That is all.

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