Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat {2012}

It's so crazy to me that this is Ellington's 4th Halloween!  We had a BLAST with our little giraffe.  As a parent, holidays are so much more fun that I ever imagined.  She was so excited about everything!  We weren't exactly sure what our Halloween plans were until the night before.  We finally decided that we would go to FBC's fall festival and then trick or treat in our neighborhood.  This was our 3rd year to attend their fall festival and Ellington was old enough this year to get to play a lot of the games.  She LOVED it!

It was so fun this year being in our new neighborhood!  Where we lived before, no one trick or treated.  This was Ellington's first time to trick or treat at people's houses.  She was jazzed up to say the least!

The first thing we did was walk next door to the Good's house.  Austin and Ellington got to trick or treat together!

These girls were super excited to see each other!

Then they ran off to get some candy at our house!

And from there we all trick or treated around the neighborhood.  The girls had an absolute blast!!!  I think my favorite part was listening to their little conversations as we went house to house.  After Ellington would say, "I want to go to another house now!".  Ha.  She loved it sooooo much!

We left a bucket of candy at our front door and every bit of it was gone when we got back.  We didn't really have that many people stop by...some just helped themselves to quite a stash.  Oh well.  We didn't need that candy anyway. :)

Ellington ended up with a BUCKET FULL.  Oh my.  We have candy upon candy upon candy.  Having to ration it out for her is a full time job. :)

What a fun night!

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