Friday, August 30, 2013

Life With Two

How adorable are they??!!

This past Sunday was my first Sunday back at church in quite awhile and Finley's first time to go to church.  She liked the music, but lasted all of three minutes once the sermon started. :)  We went to "The Den" where I fed her and we watched the sermon from there.  Even though we didn't make it long in the worship service, it was nice to be back!

I thought I would do a little update about our life with two girls.  I think I can sum it up well when I say, "Two is more than one". Ha.  Some things are much easier than I expected and some things are harder.  For the most part we make it pretty well.  Before Finley was born I envisioned really long horrible days and being a crazy woman by the time Robert walked in the door.  (Yeah, I have a problem with being pessimistic.  Ha!)  Anyway, there are definitely hard moments but we make it pretty great.  I think one of the major reasons we make it through the day so successfully is that Finley takes a really great, long afternoon nap.  Even if we've had a hard morning, it helps us all reset.  

Ellington is doing really great with being a big sister!  I think being 3 and a half (almost 4!) really helped a lot.  She is usually very understanding and patient.  Thankfully she doesn't freak out when Finley cries..and cries...and cries.  Probably the hardest part is that the crying doesn't bother her much and she'll just keep on talking ninety miles an hour even when Finley is SCREAMING and I just want to yell for her to be quiet.  Ha.  Just being honest. :)  

Going places is really hard (if not impossible) right now.  Finely isn't very content in her carseat and so by the time we get somewhere she is not happy to be there.  I know it will get easier in time, but right now it's kind of hard feeling like we can't go anywhere.  

Even though we have challenges, we LOVE being a family of four and having two sweet little girls!  I am sleep deprived and don't get to shower often :) but I am so thankful that I get to be Ellington and Finley's Mama!

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