Monday, October 6, 2014

The Fair 2014 {Part 3}

It really can't be said too much that these two had the BEST week together!

Monday morning was the clothesline art show.  We finally got smart and brought our own art supplies.  It's always such a pain trying to find art supplies there because so many kids are using them!  Having our own made it MUCH less stressful!  (Side note about that...another Mom accused me of "cheating".  Um, what?!  The kids are doing art....for FUN.  We brought paint.  There is paint there available for anyone.  Calm down.  It really really annoyed me!)

Ellington and Emerson learned to shell peas!  They loved doing it.  Ha!  :)

After they finished helping Aunt Reagan, they went to help Uncle Bryant and Aunt LeAnna.

Later in the afternoon we went back to the square to check out the artwork.  Here's Finley's!

And here's Ellington's!

Busy playing!

Monday evening we did a little water playing.

Grams and Finley

Pappaw and Finley

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