Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Special Visitors

We have enjoyed getting to see a couple of special people over the last few days. Laura (Ellington's soon-to-be aunt!!!), was in town this weekend and we were able to have lunch with her on Saturday. We were so excited that she called and invited us because we hadn't seen her since Christmas! Ellington enjoyed some snuggle time with Laura. I remembered to pack my camera in E's bag, but forgot to take a picture once we got there! So sad. Sorry Laura...we'll get you next time!

We were thrilled to have Reagan come stay with us on Sunday night and spend Monday with us. And the best part???....Reagan cooked us supper on Sunday night.

How sweet! I don't think I've ever had anyone cook me supper in my own house....such a special treat! We only had a couple of cooking mishaps...haha. Supper was delicious. She even made dessert!

Ellington loves spending time with Reagan. I love that Reagan will entertain Ellington. :) Ellington is a baby that feels like she needs a show all the time. Bless her...it surely isn't her fault. After what I like to call "The Colic of 2009" Robert and I became super sensitive to her crying. I thought all of the crying would have the opposite effect...that once she got over it that just normal baby fussing/crying wouldn't bother me because we had been through so much worse. Wrong. Every time she cries we just want to do whatever we can to get it to stop...we must have flash backs or something! So yeah, we preform a lot for her. Ha! Songs, dances, just whatever! We are just here for her entertainment. :)

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