Monday, September 6, 2010

11 Months

Ellington, you turned 11 months old last week. Wow! It's almost been a whole year! We love you so much and have been so blessed over the past 11 months with you.

Ellington, what are you up to at 11 months old?
  • You wear size 12 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.
  • You eat three meals a day, one snack, and usually have three bottles.
  • You are still eating primarily baby food, but you are starting to become more tolerant of some table food!
  • You love to snack on ritz crackers and graham crackers...those are your favorites!
  • You finally really and truly sleep through the night. You have been for the most part for months now, but once or twice a week you would wake up wanting a bottle. You don't do that anymore though! Hooray!
  • You have started going to Parents Morning Out (with Mommy) and LOVE playing there! You are so happy and all of the teachers talk about what a happy baby you are!
  • You only take one nap a day on school days (even though all of the other babies sleep at just aren't interested!!!), but you take two naps when you are at home all day.
  • You stay home with Daddy one morning a week and he loves spending that morning with you!
  • You are really wanting to pull up!
  • You are getting much better at scooting around on your bottom.
  • You still LOVE being out and about!!! You are so happy and content to look at new things and watch people.
  • You have experienced your first MSU tailgate and had a great time!
  • You won't let me rock you anymore before naptime or bedtime. :(
  • You still reject sippy cups.
  • You have three teeth on the bottom and your top two teeth are coming in!
  • You have moved to a new room at church and you are not really adjusted yet. This past Sunday when we walked in the building you knew what was happening and started clinging to Daddy and crying! I didn't think he was going to leave you. After church was over, we came to get you as quickly as possible! :)
  • You say "bye" (with a wave), "Da Da", "Uh oh", and "Ma Ma" (only when you are REALLY upset)
  • You are super ticklish!


  1. Life sure is different with a little on around, isn't it? What a blessing she has been. I absolutely love her smile and thankful that she is not as stingy with those smiles as she used to be. It won't be long until she is pulling up and takes off walking and there will be no stopping her. You and Robert are wonderful parents and Ellington is so blessed to be your child. You have weathered several storms since her birth and have handled each situation well. I am so thankful and proud of your little family. Love you.

  2. At the girls birthday parties, I have done big posters of pics as decoration. You should do one with all these month birthday pics!