Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Weekend

So, I know it's already Thursday and my weekend update is super late, but better late than never, right?! Our weekend was full of family and I was AWFUL at taking pictures! I don't know what my deal was. Anyway, on Saturday morning we enjoyed a visit with Ellington's Uncle Daniel and Aunt Laura. They came to Starkville for the football game and made time to come by and see us! After a bit of a rocky start (Ellington had just woken up from a nap and was apparently NOT expecting company!) we had a great time playing with them! :) Ha! They quickly discovered the way to Ellington's heart...feeding her snacks! I can't believe I didn't take a SINGLE picture while they were here. I guess I was enjoying visiting too much. Sorry guys! :(

Robert had to work Saturday afternoon and evening (gasp!) so Ellington and I headed to Philadelphia. My Pappaw was named Neshoba County's Citizen of the Year! He was honored at a banquet this week, but Reagan and I couldn't attend so we had our own little banquet for him! Again, terrible with taking pictures this weekend...I don't even have a picture of the Citizen of the Year!

Playing with Pop

Loving Aunt Reagan

Papaw's sign that Reagan made. I contributed the paper! :)

The other reason we were in town for the weekend was that my "home" church was having a special Sunday. They were beginning revival, but it was a special revival...not just some preacher and music minister you haven't ever heard of. For their revival they were having an old pastor and music minister from the church come back to lead. These men were leading the church when I was little, like baby-preschool age. On Sunday morning they had a special emphasis and invited all old members back and had a lunch afterward. It was a really fun and special time. (I feel like my explanation of that was really weird, but maybe you understand!). Anyway, Robert ended up not having to work on Sunday (yay from small miracles!!!) so he drove down Sunday morning to join us. Here's where the hard part came in.... I didn't want to leave Ellington in the nursery because she cries a lot in our own nursery and she goes there every week! I saw no point in taking her to a different nursery to cry for a whole hour for no reason. My mom offered to stay in the nursery with her, but I didn't want my mom to have to miss the service. So, we decided to take her into church with us. The plan was for Robert to take her out when she got to loud and/or fussy. I figured we would make it through the music portion and then she would have to leave once the preacher started. Well, let me tell sweet girl stayed for the WHOLE hour and half that we were there! Amazing! She did so awesome! We've always wanted her to come to church with us so it was a special time...and on top of that it was successful!

Here's Ellington in church. How sweet is she?! (I took this before church in case you are wondering why in the world I was taking pictures during church!)


  1. She WAS absolutely wonderful in church. You would have thought she had always been going to big church. I guess being the granddaughter and great granddaughter of Baptist preachers (one on each side of the family) has its advantages. Yeah Ellington!

  2. She did terrific :) Loved getting to see the little cutie!

    Leigh Ann

  3. I'm glad to know my child is not the only one that's almost a year old and goes with out shoes to church.