Friday, September 10, 2010

Maroon and White

Living in an SEC college town is definitely an experience like no other. Game weekends are always a really big deal and so much fun! Last weekend was Mississippi State's first game of the season. A lot of people in Starkville wear their MSU gear to work and school on Friday before game day, so Ellington and I certainly did as well! There is nothing more precious than a room full of babies and toddlers in maroon and white!

On Saturday we got to take Ellington to her first MSU tailgate! Our friends from Sunday School, the Washburns, were sweet enough to invite us to their tailgate. We appreciated their hospitality and the yummy ribs!!! Ellington had a great time! We started having a bit of a meltdown about the time she wanted a nap, but we went to the Union to cool down a bit and give Ellington a snack. That helped perk her back up!!! She did great all afternoon, especially with no afternoon nap! We didn't go to the game. A little after the game started we headed back home to put Ellington to bed and watch it on tv. It was the best of both worlds. :) We are SO looking forward to this football season!!!

Ellington carried her maroon and white over to Sunday too! :)


  1. Love my little bulldog. I am so thankful that Robert was off and your family was able to enjoy this time together. Keep taking and posting pictures, as you know, I love it.
    I would love to see your room as school on a Friday before game day. It has to be the cutest thing!

  2. The picture of you and E at the house is SO adorable! Love it. And I liked how mine and e's turned out too;) Great post.