Thursday, September 23, 2010

Entertaining Ellington

Last week I needed to switch out clothes in Ellington's very tiny closet. I always dread this job and it seems like I have to do it about every 3 months! Hopefully now that she's getting older she won't grow so fast and her clothes will last a little longer!

So while I was dealing with this...

Ellington enjoyed a little crib time. This was the first time she's ever just been in her crib to play so I think she thought it was fun! She loves straws and cup tops! Good thing I went to Happy Hour at Sonic that day!

After the straw and cup top got boring I handed her a hanger. (You will notice in the first picture of Ellington that she has a whole bin of toys right beside her. I'm pretty sure she never touched them. She would MUCH rather play with random objects!)

Near the end Ellington started getting a little fussy so I sat her on the floor for just a second and turned around to find this....undoing all of my hard work. :)

Another thing Ellington really enjoys is magazines and catalogs! Every now and then I save them from the mail (rather than throwing them away) and when she gets restless or bored I will give her one to play with. She LOVES it!

I really love the next few pictures. As some of you know, Ellington is a little behind in gross motor the fact that she is on her belly (all on her own) and scooting backward is a really big deal. Way to go Ellington!

I love this one! She was SO proud of herself!!!

She can pull halfway up now!

I don't know that I've ever mentioned Ellington's gross motor delay on the blog before. Is it something we worry over? Definitely not. At her 9 month appt. the doctor said if she still wasn't mobile by her 12 month appt. we would discuss physical therapy. That's something that we'll probably have to do, but he reassured us that she would have absolutely no problem catching up once we start therapy because there isn't anything "wrong" with her...she's just not doing the things she should be doing! The only time it kind of bothers me is when she's at school and at church. She isn't able to get what she wants or where she wants to go like the other children and she gets VERY frustrated. She also can't get away from children who are bothering her! :)

I also need to mention I've been able to do about 75% of this post while Ellington was playing on the floor by herself! I'm pretty sure that it was the record for length of time that she played on her own. She is a typical first child and likes to have her mama as a play partner. :)


  1. Great post! I have been anxiously awaiting another post:) The pictures are too cute. I think the not walking thing is probably from the stubborn Jackson genes. She just doesn't feel like it. :) i never do things i don't want to ;)

  2. I'm with Reagan, I too have anxiously been awaiting a new post with precious pictures! And lucky for you and Robert, it just so happens that you have a pediatric physical therapist in your own family that works/"plays" with developmentally delayed children every day!!! And I know for a fact that that pediatric PT would LOVE to work/"play" with her sweet little niece!!