Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ellington's 1st Birthday Party

It's taken me forever to do this post because I knew it would be very time consuming, but I've finally done it! We had a great day celebrating our sweet girl's birthday! (These are my Mom's pictures...thanks Mom!)

Ellington's monthly pictures.

See the beautiful flowers on the table? My sweet husband sent them to me for Ellington's birthday. :)

Our sweet birthday girl liked enjoying all of the attention from a distance!

I made a little quiz about Ellington that everyone had to take. :)

Present time! Ellington is a lucky girl. Her family gave her lots of wonderful gifts!

Time for cake!

Ellington was such a mess that I decided to just put her in the sink to clean her up! :)

We had a FANTASTIC day are we are so thankful for our family that came to help celebrate!

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