Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Way To Go Ellington!

Last Thursday we took Ellington to a pediatric physical therapist for an evaluation. It's been obvious to me since Ellington was about 6 or 7 months old that her gross motor skills were delayed. At her 9 month well visit the doctor wasn't overly concerned and said that if there were still problems at 12 months that we would look into physical therapy. Well, by 12 months she still wasn't going from laying to sitting up, pulling up, crawling, etc. so we got a referral and scheduled an evaluation. Several people have asked me how I feel about it and I am totally ok with it. Yes, it's REALLY hard to hear that your child has a "delay", but there are so many parents dealing with MUCH MUCH MUCH harder situations.

So, we went to the evaluation and the therapist was WONDERFUL! She told us all the things that Ellington was doing really well (which made me feel great!) and talked with us about what we would be working on. She scored at 6 months in the locomotion category. But the therapist was very optimistic that we could all get her on track in no time!

We went Monday afternoon for our first therapist visit. And I will be honest, I was a little skeptical about how much one hour a week would really help. Obviously I would be working with her at home too, but I didn't know how valuable that one hour would be! We worked mostly on building her confidence in doing some things she has been very reluctant and scared to do. It wasn't that there was something "wrong" with her, she is just really afraid to do anything! It was amazing watching the therapist work with her and how her confidence just grew and grew! Literally, when we got home she started doing things she hadn't ever done before. She was confidentially getting herself in the crawl position. She wasn't going anywhere, but she wasn't afraid either! It was so neat to see how much she already learned!

And you know what?! On Tuesday evening Ellington was sitting in her crib while I was putting away her clothes and she did this....

She pulled up all on her own!!! She was SO SO SO proud! (And I was too!)

She didn't pull up again for the rest of the night, but tonight I was on the computer and looked over to see this....

She did it again! Oh my, that baby was so proud of herself! :)

Way to go Ellington! We love you!!!

(Ok...I have so much blogging to catch up on. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I need to get myself motivated again and play catch up!)


  1. I am SOOO glad you put up a new blog!!! I have been dying! Great to see E doing so well:)

  2. Way to go Ellington!!!!! That's AWESOME!!!!