Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bound to Happen

When you do a lot of this...

Something like this...

is bound to happen!

Ellington had her first serious fall on Monday while we were at physical therapy.  Her therapist wanted to take her outside so she could practice transitioning from the sidewalk, gravel, grass, etc.  She was having a BLAST walking outside!!!  She was walking in the grass and I guess lost her footing and fell right on her face.  The funny part about it was that she didn't cry AT ALL.  She was having so much fun she just wanted to get up and keep going!  The therapist and I were really surprised because generally Ellington is very sensitive and the smallest fall or bump into something sends her into tears.

Monday was our last physical therapy appointment.  It was bittersweet!!!  We have had a blast going every Monday afternoon and love our physical therapist, Karen, dearly.  Ellington and I will both miss going!  I am sooo proud of how far she came.  Karen said she had never had anyone come so far so fast.  When we started near the end of October Ellington didn't roll, sit up if she was on her back, crawl, pull up, etc. Now she can do just about anything she sets her mind to!  What a blessing!  While waiting on our apptointments and leaving in the afternoon we would see so many little ones who had such serious difficulties and challenges.  I feel so blessed an thankful that we only had to deal with this little delay and it's not really a big deal at all!

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