Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Breakin' It

Last week Ellington and I were out of "school" for Spring Break!  Woohoo!  The break was MUCH needed and appreciated!  On Sunday Ellington and I went to Philadelphia.  We spent Sunday night and hung out on Monday.  Ellington had a blast walking all over the house.  It was the first time she had been there since she's been walking all on her own. 

On Wednesday we had a playdate at the park with Ellington's friend Riley from school.  Trying to get a good picture of two 1 year olds is impossible!  This is the best picture out of the three that I took...

We also practiced using a spoon a lot last week!  Ellington has gotten pretty good at it!  She can feed herself yogurt and applesauce like a pro.  She is sooooo proud!

On Thursday we met our friends on campus for a playdate.  We swap houses for a playdate each week with Ellington's friends Reese and Kaitlyn, but this week we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and empty campus!  Kaitlyn and Ellington were born in the same calendar year and Reese and Ellington were born in the same school year....so these sweet sisters are perfect friends for Ellington!  (This was also St. Patrick's Day)

Again, a terrible picture of Ellington but I wanted to include one with Reese!

We enjoyed playing outside during Spring Break!

But mostly we just took it easy and enjoyed our week.....


  1. Love the picture of the two of them on the drill field with Swalm(?) in the background. Looks like a classic college shot only there so young.

  2. I just got completely sentamental about the fact that Ellington is going to have friends one day. I totally teared up. I mean, its a great thing, but I forgot they do things outside of the family!!! hahaha! Ridiculous.