Monday, March 28, 2011

Ellington's Antics

The blog has been a little quiet lately, so I thought I would share some recent pictures of things Ellington has been up to recently.  She's just growing like a weed and keeps us laughing. :)

Playing in a box!

Daddy made it WAY more fun by turning it into a ride!

The box also works well as a little chair for reading.

One afternoon recently Robert cleaned his grill.  Well, this Daddy's girl needed in on the action so while she was having her afternoon snack I just turned her chair around so she wouldn't miss a thing.

Lately Ellington has gotten very impatient with the cooking process.  The second she sees (or smells!) food in the kitchen she is READY TO EAT.  In the picture below she is peeking in at our supper.

Ellington loves the little rug in front of our kitchen sink.  She frequently walks right to it and has a seat!  It's an even better spot with a good book!

Books also make great hats!

We can't leave out Gus' antics too!  He surely knows where to be when Ellington is in her high chair. :)  
Smart dog!

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  1. Gus got a hair cut! He looks great!