Monday, April 11, 2011


This past weekend was Super Bulldog Weekend (also known as one of the BEST weekends in Starkville....and this year also known as the weekend that I did a really bad job of taking pictures).  On Friday afternoon Robert's best buddy from college and his son came over to our house to play for a bit.  You can see below that I did a TERRIBLE job of trying to get a picture of Ellington and Reynolds.

We ate supper with Reed and Reynolds and then took the kiddos to campus to run around.  They had the BEST time.  I left my camera in the car so I didn't get any pictures. :(  Friday night was a blast.  Robert, Reed, and I use to hang out before we were all married and had babies so it was fun to be back together under much different circumstances!

On Saturday afternoon we went to campus for the Fan Fair and the football scrimmage. 

Robert and I enjoyed our free MSU ice cream.  Ellington is on an ice cream strike and wouldn't even consider taking a bite!  Silly girl.

We attempted a picture with the Bully statue but it didn't quite work out....

She wanted to be walking.....

The football scrimmage was really hot and not so much fun at all.  Ellington is in the stage where she just wants to be walking.  If she were a little younger she would have sat in our laps better....and if she were a little older she probably would have been entertained sitting in her seat and watching all of the action, but as it was....she was very restless.  I have NO IDEA how people take little kids to real football games.  That is definitely not for me!

My parents spent the night with us Saturday and I got my mom to snap this family picture before church on Sunday.  Not the best, but I like to get pictures of the three of us when I get a chance!

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  1. The picture is not the best??!!?? I am sure that is no reflection on the photographer! I'm kidding. So glad you had a good weekend.... and I will be eager to hear about the first part of your week since you are footloose and fancy free.