Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Half Birthday

This past weekend we went to Philadelphia to do a yard sale at my grandfather's mini-storage.  We were selling some of our stuff, some of my parent's stuff, and a whole bunch of stuff that gets left at the mini-storage.  The sale was a HUGE success!!!  We did the yard sale on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Ellington & Pappaw in his office

Another reason for being in Philadelphia this weekend was that my mom had arranged for Ellington and Emerson to have their pictures taken together.  This was the first time that we have all been in Philadelphia together since Emerson has been born.  It was so fun!  At one point I said to Reagan, "I can't believe there are two babies in this house!".

On Saturday night we all had supper together.  My dad called this table the "Metro Jackson Table" since they all live in the Jackson area. 

Last year we celebrated Ellington's half birthday.  You can find the blog post here.  I decided it would be a fun tradition to celebrate Ellington's half birthday every year on April 2nd!  I must confess that I got teary eyed while I was lighting her candles! :)  It's SO CRAZY to me that she's halfway to being two years old.  How is that possible??!!

The whole family. :)


  1. I enjoyed this post. And I like our family pic :)

  2. Such a handsome bunch....Gus is looking pretty "dapper" these days, too.