Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Fun

This afternoon after supper we went to campus so that Ellington could play in the little fountains.  I had actually forgotten that these were here (they have been added since I was in school).  I was so glad that I remembered and even more excited to have something free & fun to do!  When you live in a small town it can sometimes be difficult trying to find entertainment, but we definitely have an addition to our list during the warm months!  Ellington has never played in anything quite like this so I knew she would love it or hate it.  Thankfully she LOVED it!  We had a great evening together!


  1. That's my girl. Ready for us to take her Geyser Falls....I guess it will have to be on a Friday if you want to come, too.

  2. Where on campus are these fountains? They look like fun!