Thursday, May 26, 2011

New {But Now Old} Night-Night Routine

I have been meaning to post about this forever, but I just never got around to it!  As of mid-March we have no more of these in our cabinets:

I kept giving Ellington a bottle about 5 months after the one year mark that most people go by.  The reasons are numerous, but it really came down to it being right for Ellington.  She only had a bottle before nap and bed, but it was my goal to get rid of it by 18 months.  I just picked a day and stopped giving it to her before she went to sleep.  She never asked for it or cried for it.  I am glad I kept doing it a little longer than most people though because she won't drink milk AT ALL from a sippy cup and getting all the milk in her that I could really mattered to me!  (On a side note her doctor says as long as she's eating a balanced diet I shouldn't worry about her not drinking milk.)  I had a harder time with this transition than Ellington did!  I decided to replace our bath/jammie/bottle/rock/bed routine.  So now we have a bath/jammie/book/rock/bed routine.  We read this jewel of a book every night before bed:

Ellington LOVES it and I love reading it to her!  After we're done reading we pray (if Robert is home he prays) and then get some good rocking in.  It's such a sweet & special time of the day.

In the mornings lately, Ellington wants to put her lion, lambie, and baby night night.  So we line them up and cover them with her blankets.  She pats them, kisses them, and tells them "night night".  It is super precious!

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