Monday, May 9, 2011

The Easter We Didn't Go to Church

About 11 pm on the Saturday before Easter Ellington woke up crying frantically.  I had been asleep less than an hour and got up to rock her.  Normally if this were to happen she would fall back asleep quickly.  After rocking for quite awhile she didn't fall back asleep, but I went ahead and laid her back down.  She stayed awake until 1 am (as did I), but didn't cry.  She then started asking for water, which she hasn't ever done in the night before.  I got her some water and realized she was REALLY hot.  I don't remember what her initial temperature was, but after tylenol and then waiting an hour it got up to 103.7.  That was her temp under the arm....and for some reason you are suppose to add a degree when you take it under the arm, so I guess technically it was 104.7.  After waiting to see if we could get it down (which we couldn't) we decided to go to the emergency room.  Ellington was just totally limp at this point.  It was so sad...and scary!!!  Robert, Mom, and I took her to the hospital in Philadelphia where we were the only patients!  They took care of us so quickly!  What a relief.  Ellington ended up being diagnosed with strep throat.  She got a prescription for an antibiotic and a shot of penicillin.  I finally crawled into bed about 5:30 am, only having slept about 30-45 minutes in the night.  We decided it would be best for Robert just to go directly back to Starkville so that he could sleep.  He didn't sleep at all Friday night (because he had been working) and he got very little sleep Saturday night.  He then was suppose to be at work Sunday night.  Obviously he had to get some sleep!!  So, he had to head back and our Easter was pretty much a wash. 

That morning (Easter morning) Ellington slept until 11:30 and woke up feeling pretty good!  (I think the shot helped a TON).  The Easter Bunny had stopped by and left Ellington some goodies!

Poor girl.  You can tell that she was sick!

I debated about whether or not to still have an Easter egg hunt, but at this point Ellington was still feeling pretty well so we decided to go ahead and do it!  It was a little disappointing that Robert had to miss seeing her hunt Easter eggs for the first time.

This was definitely not the Easter we planned or expected, but we tried to make the best of it!  Ellington ended up getting a little worse (I think that shot wore off!) and we ended up back at the doctor's office on Tuesday.  Another shot had her back up and running again.  It is sometimes hard to keep Ellington well!

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  1. aww poor scary to admit a child into the hospital via ER..i hope she stays well and that you are getting some rest also!