Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Connor's 5th Birthday Party {Super Hero}

On Saturday morning we went to Connor's Super Hero birthday party!  When we got there Ellington had this PRECIOUS cape that Julie made waiting on her.  Her outfit just so happened to match perfectly. :)  She LOVED it and wore it the whole time we were there.  And she now has a new addition to her dress up clothes!

Ellington and the birthday boy.
{Ellington adores Connor so much.  I love watching them play and he is sooo good with her!}

The big people got to wear capes too!  In the picture below everyone is crafting a little super hero and coming up with a super hero story.  We found out that Big Bob is especially good at super hero stories. :)

We played "Minute to Win It" games.  If you aren't familiar with it, it's a tv game show where contestants perform various challenges.  We played boys vs. girls.  Mrs. Patsy and I teamed up for the first game and we beat the boys!  I don't have pictures of that one though.  Daniel and Laura had to try and stack 3 golf balls. 

Brad's parents had to pull out a whole box of kleenex one at a time using only one hand.  I think this was my favorite one!

After presents, lunch, and cake we resumed the games.  Robert and I had to get a cookie from our forehead to our mouth without using our hands.  HA!  It was crazy!  Neither of us ever did it after MANY times of trying! 

Matt and Tosha had to roll golf balls into cups on a tape measure

The game below involved dental floss and toothbrushes.  It seemed pretty impossible to me!

We had the BEST time this weekend celebrating the birthday's of Brody and Connor!  We are so grateful to know such great little guys! :)


  1. oh my word. what a cute cute party! e's cape is adorable! i've never seen such a pretty one. what fun!

  2. Great pictures again! I love the one of the three of yall! Such a great looking Super hero family! Fun party weekend! I sure do have a lot to learn from my creative birthday planning sisters-in-law! I'm sort of hoping that it just comes with motherhood, but in case it doesn't, I'm going to need you and Julie's help!